Get these face masks to show off your Singapore pride this National Day

From left, clockwise: Good Citizen Mask from When i Was Four, Peranakan Shoes n City In The Garden Mask from Onlewo, Red White Mask from Tong Tong Friendship Store
PHOTO: When I Was Four, Onlewo, Tong Tong Friendship Store

Every August, Singapore goes into National Day mode, with flags and banners displaying Singaporean pride hung everywhere. 

Since putting on a face mask is required whenever you head out, why not don one with a Singaporean spin to commemorate our nation's birthday this month? 


From top left, clockwise: Peranakan Shoes n City In The Garden, Singapore River, Kueh Tile, Spiral Staircase & Vintage Grille
PHOTO: Onlewo

The Singapore design studio is known for incorporating local motifs with a contemporary spin into the upholstery, wallpaper and homeware that they design. And it has drawn from its bank of designs to create a face mask collection that celebrates all things Singaporean. 

Its rather extensive collection includes references to Singapore River, East Coast Park and our "City in a Garden" moniker. It also includes designs that are inspired by local kuehs, shophouses and Peranakan motifs, giving you plenty of choices to pick from.

Tong Tong Friendship Store

PHOTO: Tong Tong Friendship Store

Nothing says National Day more than red and white. After all, these are the colours of our national flag and local brand Tong Tong Friendship Store has created a line of red and white masks with floral motifs. 

The masks come in three different shapes — pleated, 3-D contoured and sampan shaped, and you can choose red, white or half-half coloured.

Jeep Sing Fashion

PHOTO: Jeep Sing Fashion

Though better known for being a school uniform provider, the enterprising folks at Jeep Sing also have their own face mask line.

And they have a special NDP Mask SG55 collection that features two red and white hearts with the crescent moon and five stars on it. The masks are made from a cotton and rayon blend fabric, with a metal wire for a great fit along your nose bridge.

When I Was Four

From left: Good Morning Towel Mask, Good Citizen Mask
PHOTO: When I Was Four

There's no way to be a better Singaporean than to be a good citizen, is there? Stake your claim as a model Singaporean with the Good Citizen masks that pay homage to the moral education classes we had in primary school. 

The local brand, which is known for its quirky take on all things familiar to Singaporeans, has come up with a unique line of face masks that includes good morning towel and jotter book designs. It may not be red and white, but these masks are definitely representative of a Singaporean childhood.

Love SG


If you prefer something a little more subtle, but still with a hint of Singapore, the Love SG masks are right up your alley. 

The masks come in a variety of neutral colours — think black, navy and grey — but with embroidery on the side of the Singapore flag and a lion's face.