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Facing societal pressure, Japanese man born in 1984 decides to identify as 28-year-old

Facing societal pressure, Japanese man born in 1984 decides to identify as 28-year-old
PHOTO: Screenshot/YouTube/Abema Prime

Ageing - it happens to all of us.

While we can cheat our way through with the help of anti-ageing treatments, proper nutrition and makeup, getting old is just inevitable.

Or so we thought.

A Japanese man, who goes by Jackie, is making headlines for identifying as a 28-year-old.

Nothing weird right? Well, did we mention he was born in Jan 5, 1984, making him actually 39 years old?

Yes, you read that right.

Hailing from Kyoto, Jackie explained why he identifies as a "trans-age" individual on the reality show Abema Prime.

On the show, he mentioned that his actual age didn't resonate with him. The turning point for him had to be when he was feeling stressed by a work incident seven years ago, sharing that his boss once asked him: "How can you not know how to do this at your age?"

Not wanting to feel the pressure from work and societal expectations tied to his biological age, Jackie decided to navigate life as a 28-year-old instead.

Japanese society, as Jackie mentioned, places a high value on accumulated experience.

He challenges that notion, explaining that one's true capabilities and accomplishments are not defined by the number of years passed since birth, which he sees as nothing more than the passage of time.

Nevertheless, Jackie’s real age is reflected on official documents, as he embraces the mindset and lifestyle of a 28-year-old in his daily life.

Dr. Takashi Sugiyama, a professor at Kanagawa University and a psychologist, explained to Abema Prime that individuals like Jackie are not unusual in today's information-rich society.

Sugiyama further emphasised that Jackie's experience sheds light on the often-subconscious dissonance between one's perceived age and their chronological age.

Trans-age individuals, such as Jackie, may use this disconnect to shape their self-concept, thereby reinforcing their self-perception.

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