Father's Day gift guide: Handpicked gift ideas for the man who deserves the best

PHOTO: Hides and Threads

Name a task harder than finding a gift for the men in our lives – especially dads, who are notoriously difficult to shop for. No doubt you’d still want to get something for the superman.

The ones who said ‘yes’ when mum said ‘no’. The ones who translated jargon when you had to send your car to the workshop. And finally the ones who managed to make you smile even in the darkest of hours.

If you’re looking to do more than the mainstream “best dad ever” gifts, here are some of our gift recommendations to thank dad for all he does for you!

For the dad in need of a spa day


Let’s drop the stereotype that only women can use a spa day. Hailing from the UK, Mytri Wellness brings us ayurvedic inspired skincare, with natural products based on traditional herbal formulas.

The Men’s Luxury Ayurvedic Gift Set ($58.43) makes for the perfect indulgence featuring six different Ayurvedic & vegan-friendly skincare products for men including a range of herbal soaps, aftershave lotions, oils and hair conditioner. Think the high-quality products that dad deserves made all-natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

Mytri Wellness’ Men’s Luxury Ayurvedic Gift Set is available for purchase on Etsy.

For the one always on the go


Whether he is catching flights, going for hikes or heading to gym, Dad’s gotta have the right – and stylish – accessory to hold all his things. How about replacing dad’s old backpack with a much more fashionable and versatile piece?

Can’t say we’re unbiased here, but Tumi’s Tahoe collection has a special place in our heart, thanks to its hypnotising iridescent blue fabric. The Tahoe Bozeman Sling ($590) makes for a fun and sizable option for outdoor or street adventures, whilst an out-of-town trip calls for the Tahoe Nottaway Backpack ($660) as companion designed with well-placed pockets, and a waterproof rain cover.

The Tahoe Bozeman Sling and Tahoe Nottaway Backpack are available for purchase at Tumi.

A toast to dad!

PHOTO: Thirsty

Got a dad whose hands are somehow always preoccupied with holding a cold one? Treat your old man with the thing that keeps his heart warm and his belly jiggling (we’re talking about beer, folks).

Hidden behind a façade of a toolbox, Thirsty’s “Cheers Dad” Gift Box ($60) packs a mixed selection of seven delicious craft brews, a beer glass, and a set of dad jokes that will make papa loud out loud. Expect American and Australian craft beer styles, from lagers to IPAs, and even a Scotch Ale.

The “Cheers Dad” Gift Box is now available for purchase at Thirsty.

For the dad with a sweet tooth

PHOTO: Marks & Spencers

There’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a box of chocolates. Get the man his own stash this Father’s Day with  Marks & Spencer’s exclusive Father’s Day chocolates.

From the crunchy Giant Fruit and Nut Bars ($19.90), to a decadent box of boozy Old Man Whiskey Chocolates ($39.90), and the rich Whole Lotta Lolly ($4.90) with little chocolate lollies wrapped in cute quotes to show your appreciation, you’ll not fall short of scrumptious ideas here. They make for the perfect last minute gift that complement his nightcap effortlessly.

Marks & Spencer’s Father’s Day chocolates are available for purchase in stores and online.

Our well-groomed moustache rockin’ men

PHOTO: Zalora

If you’re trying to introduce sustainability at home, here’s the perfect gift idea that’ll get dad onboard. Toss the plastic and low-quality shaves and introduce him to the Gentlemen’s Tonic’s Gentlemen’s Ultimate Ebony Gift Set ($445).

Oozing opulence and luxury, the gift set contains a lavish stand which holds a razor with a Mach III blade and a Super-Fine Badger Brush. Unlike the low-quality products that break often and need to be repurchased, the strong and sturdy one will last a while (good for the environment and your wallet). Other products that complete the most elegant shave, pre-shave oils, shave cream and aftershave balm.

Gentlemen’s Tonic’s Gentlemen’s Ultimate Ebony Gift Set is available for purchase at Zalora.

Project your gratefulness for dad

PHOTO: Lazada

For movie buff dads that can’t go a week without family movie night, a projector is a no brainer. Turn your living room to a movie theatre and put on dad’s favourite films on with the YG300 Portable Mini Projector ($46.80).

Able to connect with multiple devices and projecting in 1080p quality, the compact palm-sized device is perfect for those looking for practicality and keep an eye out for budget-friendly finds this month. A gift the whole family can enjoy!

The YG300 Portable Mini Projector is available for purchase at Lazada.

The gift of a new skill

PHOTO: Hides and Threads

Now if you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, consider introducing dad to a new skill. Hides & Thread’s leather crafting‘s Basic 101 ($60) workshop will see pops head down to the leather design house and start his leather-crafting journey.

The two hour session is an immersion in basic theory, followed by the creation of three pieces (a cardholder pouch, coin pouch and cable organiser) using different leather crafting techniques like cutting, burnishing, installing buttons, and personalisation.  If he falls in love with the process of leather handling, there are more workshops to further his interest.

Hides & Thread’s basic leather crafting workshops can be booked on their website.

Don’t ‘Fret’, We included something for musical dads


For that dad that loves a music jam, the Personalised Metal Guitar Capo ($30.03) is the ideal gift. Stamp the guitar capo with his initials or yours, so he is always reminded of you when he is strumming along.

You never know, his next original song that you get to lend your ears to, might be about you.  Whilst you order the capo, you can pick a font, and even a guitar pick to complete the set. Here’s your key to becoming dad’s favourite child!

Godiycreat’s Personalised Metal Guitar Capo is available for purchase on Etsy

Plant dads keep us growing

PHOTO: Hipvan

What’s that saying – pets are the new kids and plants are the new pets? Either way, by taking the guess work out of urban farming, the Super Farmers Urban Farming Kit ($45) is great for blooming green thumbs and foodies. 

It comes with a bag of organic soil (350g), simple-to-grow Seed Sticks, and a growing guide with all that dad needs to know to start a growing project in our urban environment. The fruit of papa’s patience will reveal home grown herbs and veggies like kang kong, Chinese kale (kailan), chye sim, beetroot, and broccoli.

The Super Farmers Urban Farming Kit is available for purchase at Hipvan.

This article was first published in City Nomads.