Feel like you're in JB again with these $4 Ramly burgers from a Yishun coffee shop stall

PHOTO: Instagram/burockcuisine

It's true when they say absence makes the heart grow fonder because after the coronavirus put a halt to our weekend Johor Bahru (JB) trips, we've come to realise how much we miss our closest neighbour.

Apart from shopping sprees and cheaper massages, one activity that we definitely can't wait to partake in when the borders reopen is stuffing our faces with food. This, of course, includes the famous Ramly Burger.

While these can often be found at pasar malams in Singapore, we haven't come across one in a very long time due to the pandemic.

If you happen to be hankering for a solid Ramly Burger and need to satisfy the craving stat, you'd be glad to know that a number of places here sell it, outside of the night markets.

One is Burock Cuisine, which used to be a humble pasar malam stall before they opened a physical stall in Bedok and a small kiosk at Cosford Road.

They recently opened a new outlet at a coffee shop in Yishun, which is great news for Northies who are so close yet so far from the Ramly Burgers in JB.

The ones at Burock Cuisine go by the name Burger Ayam/Daging Special ($4) but are essentially the same thing — a juicy chicken or beef patty enveloped in an omelette and sandwiched between two burger buns.

If you have a bottomless pit for a stomach, you can opt for the Double Special ($6) which comes with two patties.

Burgers aren't the only thing on the menu here; they also sell other pasar malam classics such as Roti John and Roti Boyan.

Address: 101 Yishun Ave 5, Singapore 760101

Opening hours: Daily, 2pm to 10pm