First-ever Godzilla ride to debut at Seibuen Amusement Park in Japan

First-ever Godzilla ride to debut at Seibuen Amusement Park in Japan
PHOTO: Seibuen Amusement Park

From the recent Godzilla Vs. Kong movie, it would seem that the iconic sea monster is seen as more of a side character compared to the land monster it battled with in the movie. With his prowess, he deserved better than that.

The recently renovated Seibu-en Amusement Park located in Tokorozawa, Saitama, near Tokyo, shares the same sentiments. The park has recently announced its plan to recruit the mighty beast, Godzilla as a new attraction added to the park.

Seibu-en will be holding a grand reopening on May 19, 2021 where guests will get to walk through a large-scale replica of a nostalgic shopping street from Japan’s Showa era (1926-1989).

At the end of the street, a retro-style theatre building can be found, and inside lies the world’s first permanent Godzilla theme park ride.

Officially called Godzilla the Ride: Great Kaiju Decisive Dominance Battle, the new attraction seems to be a seated indoor dark ride where riders are thrown into the middle of a fierce fight between Godzilla and his nemesis, the three-headed beast King Ghidorah.

The amusement park has been keeping silent regarding further details about the new Godzilla attraction.

However, seeing as it has been labelled as a “ride” we can assume that it involves movement of some sort like a motion theatre or a plain rollercoaster deal.

Moreover, the park promises that the ride will “sweep you up in a whirlpool of transcendental excitement” that it “never stops to give you a chance to catch your breath” and “will change the way you look at humanity, and Godzilla.”

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Seibu-en’s confidence in the upcoming Godzilla ride is probably coming from the fact that the CG visuals for the attraction are directed by anime director Takashi Yamazaki who brought us titles such as Stand by Me Doraemon and Lupin III: The First.

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