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Fitness YouTuber Chloe Ting on staying motivated, self-love & dealing with negativity

Fitness YouTuber Chloe Ting on staying motivated, self-love & dealing with negativity
Chloe Ting.
PHOTO: Instagram/chloe_t

You’ve probably seen her on your Instagram, Tik Tok, or YouTube feed. Or you may have worked out to one of her videos while hunkered down during the Circuit Breaker period.

Or maybe you’ve jumped on her ‘2 Weeks Shred Challenge’ in a bid to get the abs of your dreams. Yep, we’re talking about Australian YouTuber Chloe Ting, whose workout videos blew up when home-based workouts started becoming the norm.

At the time of writing, she boasts 16.5 million subscribers on YouTube, and 2.9 million followers on Instagram.

The 34-year-old’s quite the pro at getting couch potatoes to start moving, so we were rather inclined to ask for her secrets on staying motivated , how beginners should get started on their own fitness journey, as well as dealing with detractors. She tells The Singapore Women’s Weekly more.

1. Tell us about your fitness and health journey. Any struggles that've come along the way?


CT: I’ve been working out for about six years now, and my journey started because I wasn’t in a good place mentally. I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety, and also had a history of being bullied at work so I ended up taking a break from work.

With more time to spend on self-care, I gained an interest in fitness and I was just drawn to getting myself physically stronger. This then had a huge positive impact on my mental health.

Besides that, I’ve also suffered from gut-related health issues, which have impacted my quality of life, but thankfully I’m in a better place now, both mentally and physically, and using my platform to spread positivity and self-love.

2. What is a typical day like for you?


CT: It varies a lot as being a content creator on YouTube is demanding enough, and I do more than just YouTube. I create free workout programs on my channel that take weeks of planning, training, filming and editing.

Then there’s non-fitness related content like food recipes which I enjoy making and sharing on my platforms. I also live-stream on platforms like Twitch and have other offline projects to work on.

I guess there’s a framework for creating content, but it evolves a lot due to the many changes happening on social media platforms.

3. What are the fitness goals that you have set for yourself? 


CT: I used to have a smaller frame, had very little muscle, and didn’t have much body confidence. I think I’m at a place now where I’ve gotten physically stronger, and to a point where I’m happy and content.

I do create goals for myself from time to time, but these are smaller, performance-type goals like being able to perform specific exercises or movements, or improving my flexibility.

4. What motivates you to work out consistently, and what's your best strategy to combat fading motivation?


CT: It’s become a routine for me to work out in the morning, and checking that off early in the day makes me feel accomplished as I move on to my next task of the day. I think everyone’s strategy to stay motivated is a little different.

You have to identify what would work for you and give yourself time to build up that familiarity in your schedule so that it becomes a natural routine.

4. Your all-time favourite exercise?

CT: Burpees for sure, as it’s such an effective exercise, but there are lots of modifications you can add to it to make it more fun.

5. Have you ever felt negative about your body? How do you overcome moments like these? 


CT: I think everyone has moments where they might cast self-doubt on themselves or their bodies, especially with how social media has been known to have a negative impact on our mental health.

In the past, I would just give myself a social media detox, and focus on doing things that make me happy as well as being kind to myself.

6. How do you deal with negativity?


CT: I’ve positively impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. It’s something I’m proud and humbled to be able to have done, and the same goes for any other content creator out there creating positive content.

Being on social media for several years has taught me to not value negative opinions from someone who either barely knows me and my values, or is hiding behind anonymity.

If you’re contributing positively and are actually helping people out there, there really isn’t any valid reason to be concerned with negativity.

7. What's your guilty pleasure?  


CT: Definitely chocolates and it’s not something I’ll ever get sick of!

8. What would you recommend for beginners starting on a fitness program?


CT: I’d advise anyone starting out to go at your own pace. Starting out can be very overwhelming as there are things to consider such as your diet, your form, your consistency, etc. The one thing you need to focus on as a beginner is your mindset.

You need to be committed to this and be able to identify what is possible for you today and what is your limit.

Some people go cold turkey and jump on a diet or start intense exercises, and there’s no sustainability with that. Start small, make incremental changes, and build strength over time and it’s all a gradual process.

9. What are some things that people don't know about you?


CT: People often judge me for my looks and being a top creator on YouTube attracts a lot of detractors who want to pull you down.

People often don’t know that I’m a lot more mature than I look, have years of qualifications and certifications in different fields, and I spend a lot of time learning new things from different industries.

My team isn’t just running a YouTube channel, there’s a lot more work that goes on behind the scenes with product development, brand consultation, and more projects in the works.

10. Who is your inspiration? Do you follow any other personalities or influencers?


CT: The main platform that I focus on is YouTube, so naturally, I follow a lot of YouTubers who inspire me. So there isn’t a single person that inspires but it’s more of a collective group of content creators out there who make a massive impact in the world, and I guess I relate to these people.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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