Flickering lights, shaking bed: Former SIA stewardess shares her paranormal encounters in hotel rooms

PHOTO: TikTok/heyamber.tan, Grand Hyatt Taipei

If you're superstitious, you've probably heard of the custom of knocking on hotel room doors before entering to chase the ghosts away.

Then again, are ghosts even real? For former SIA stewardess, Amber Tan, they probably are.

In a TikTok video uploaded on Saturday (July 30), which has since garnered over 46,000 views, Amber shared her first spooky experience in a hotel. She posted another video on Wednesday (Aug 4) sharing the full story.

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Amber says she was staying at the Grand Hyatt in Taipei at the time and this was her very first paranormal experience.

She woke up at around 1am by footsteps "running all around" and the violent shaking of her bed.

Amber was sleeping alone in the room, but she noticed that the lights at the entrance door kept flickering and she heard the toilet flush.

"I just felt a very weird presence that was waiting for me to just run past the toilet." 

However, her instincts told her not to do so, and she quickly went to search for the bible in the room.

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Here's when things started to get even weirder.

When she found the bible, she realised that it was already opened up to a page.

She then decided to call the reception to check if an earthquake was happening since her bed kept shaking but they replied that everything was normal.

Amber chose not to change her room at the end of the call since it was already late and she had an early morning checkout. 

Fortunately, everything "went back to normal" after she prayed, she said.

She also did not seem to be too put off by the experience, writing, "I still love this beautiful hotel and their facilities. This was only a one-time experience."

This isn't Amber's only paranormal experience — in an earlier video, uploaded July 7, Amber claimed that the most haunted hotel she has stayed in is International Garden Hotel Narita.

Apparently, this hotel is infamous among stewardesses and most of them opt to bunk together due to "bad spiritual experiences".

The television would turn on and off unexpectedly and they would have recurring dreams of faceless people dressed in white clothes.

Worst of all, they would wake up with random scratch marks on their body.

She wrote: "Till this date it still [sends] chills down my spine."