Floating vanity design ideas

PHOTO: Cromly

A floating vanity helps create the illusion of a big bathroom space. This trend offers not just a chic and stylish look, but also a contemporary aesthetic that is to die for.

Here are some floating vanity design ideas you can take note of before you do major renovations in the bathroom:

1. Although pared down just to fit the basics, this vanity exudes luxury because of the material used since light wood and shades of white complement each other perfectly. A vintage rug on the floor helps add more flair to the overall look.

2. Aside from white, who would've thought that black walls and light wood make for a good pair? The patterned floor tiles definitely added zest to the bathroom's interior design.

3. Vanities don't need to be grand. You can still opt to have a minimalist space by adorning your bathroom with a sleek yet simple vanity that create a balanced and polished look.

4. Rustic wooden vanities are more versatile than you can imagine. The beautiful wooden floating vanity provides a creative contrast against the white sink, matte black hardware, white walls, and the bathroom's hexagonal tiles.

5. Stacking tiles vertically on the wall where you mounted your vanity will make this piece of bathroom essential an instant spotlight as the eyes are being directed to your dashing floating vanity.

6. Accent lighting under the vanity is a beautiful and stylish detail you can add to highlight your floating vanity. You can also add power outlets for charging and keeping appliances hidden just like this white oak floating vanity.

7. The modern rustic floating vanity gives this bathroom a modern and stunning contrast, which is further highlighted by using textures and patterns.

8. Make your marble floating vanity look more glamorous and elegant by incorporating gold in it. Gold-rimmed mirrors, lights, as well as hardware will definitely prettify your vanity.

9. Customise your floating vanity depending on your needs. In this home, there's a his and her vanity separated by a cute little makeup counter in the middle, perfect for couples who spend time struggling and battling for space in the bathroom.

10. The good thing about wooden floating vanities is that it tones down the hard and cold atmosphere that solid surfaces exude. It is a favourite material amongst homeowners. And oh, did we forget to mention that you can add face-level storage in your vanity to give you more space to store your things?

This article was first published in Cromly.