Food hunt at Singapore theme parks: Night Safari

Food hunt at Singapore theme parks: Night Safari

You know what to expect at our local theme parks, but what about the food there? 

Our team of taste explorers take you on a wild ride through Singapore's awesome theme parks and their culinary offerings. We're on a mission to uncover the unique flavours that make each theme park a gastronomic adventure too.

Today, we head to Night Safari!

Over here, the wild comes alive after dark! This place is like a backstage pass to the animal kingdom's night-time antics. The world's first nocturnal park is home to over 900 animals which represent about 100 species — nearly 41 per cent are threatened.


  • $50.40 for adults
  • $35.10 for kids
  • $20 for seniors who are Singapore residents aged 60 and above
  • You can also visit all 4 Mandai Wildlife Reserve parks for a discounted $110 for adults and $80 for kids


Pro tip: pair your Night Safari adventure with a trip to one of the other awesome Mandai Wildlife parks. That's exactly what we did after hanging with the pandas at River Wonders during the day.

As soon as we strolled in, we reserved our seats to "Creatures of the Night," an exciting presentation showcasing all the coolest critters that rule the night. Picture this: a Eurasian eagle-owl swooping in, a Serval showing off its leaping skills, and an adorable fennec fox being all cute.

Before hopping on the Safari Tram Adventure, we figured we'd grab a quick bite first to tide us over. Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant is the only food spot in the park, and it is somewhat like a hawker centre with food options galore.

Total cost: $23.80

Satay Chicken: $9.90 for 5 sticks

Verdict: We couldn't resist the sight of those sizzling satay sticks on the grill — we had to try it. It smelled and tasted great, especially when dipped into the peanut sauce. It felt like the plate had came from our favourite neighbourhood hawker stall. We longed for a bit more char along the edges of the chicken to enhance the smoky flavour.

Chai Tow Kway: $13.90

Verdict: Straight from the wok to our table, the Chai Tow Kway was a piping hot delight. The portion was generous for the price, and the subtle sweetness of the sambal paired perfectly with the stir-fried radish cake. Plus, we discovered some hidden shrimp inside — a tasty surprise! A solid choice for those craving a taste of local fare to share. 


Then came the tram ride, and it was a thrill! Think flamingos glowing pink in the moonlight, majestic elephants, laid-back deer, and oh, a giant tapir catching some Zs right on the road. Talk about unexpected encounters — one guest jumped in shock when she realised how close these animals were to us. We were having so much fun, we wished the ride would never end.

We planned to trail the park on foot later to see the Grey-handed Night Monkeys on the Fishing Cat Trail and the Tasmanian Devils on the Wallaby Trail. But as luck would have it, the tram exit conveniently led us straight to Ulu Ulu Restaurant. The scent of all that delicious food was just too tempting.

Total cost: $45.70

Singapore Laksa: $13.90

Verdict: The Singapore Laksa was filled with rich and creamy coconut broth infused with fragrant spices, served with two plump shrimp, lots of tau pok and egg. This was a big helping, and might be too much for one person. While it was satisfying, we craved a bit more kick, so do what we did — we asked the cook for some extra sambal for extra oomph.

Chicken Tikka and Naan Set: $15.90

Verdict: If you’re craving for something Indian, you won’t go wrong with this Chicken Tikka and Naan Set. You get juicy chunks of marinated chicken tikka grilled to perfection, freshly baked naan bread (made immediately after we ordered), spicy curry, and tangy mint chutney. Each bite left us craving more. We couldn't stop dipping the bread into the curry. 

Chicken Tandoori Rice: $15.90

Verdict: Even after all that eating, we yielded to this dish. We noticed that quite a few patrons had ordered the same thing. The aromatic spices and smoky flavour of the Tandoori chicken was apparent with every bite — yum. The crispy papadum added a nice crunch, but we wished the chicken portion was a bit more generous for the price. We cleaned up the plate too quickly. 

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