I threw a movie marathon party at home and asked my friends to bring whatever they like, here's what they turned up with

I threw a movie marathon party at home and asked my friends to bring whatever they like, here's what they turned up with
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When one door closes another definitely opens. In this case, when my weekend plans got cancelled, my friends came through for me.

Since we are all movie buffs, why not throw a movie-marathon party?

As the gathering was spontaneous, I asked everyone to bring anything they deemed suitable.

The idea was similar to a potluck, just not restricted to food.

But of course, no party is complete without something to eat, so I decided to order some food as the host.

And Domino’s Pizza it was, after discovering their promotion (from now to Sept 30) on foodpanda. For a $15 minimum spend, users are entitled to a 30 per cent discount. Sweet!

My order of two regular-sized pizzas for four of us originally cost $59.80, but with the 30 per cent discount on foodpanda, I saved $17.94.

When my friends heard of the money I had saved using foodpanda’s food delivery service, they eagerly hopped on the app to check out the deals that were available. Here’s what each of my friends got:

Elle, 25, caffeine-addict

Since we were going to be up all night watching movies, what better way to keep awake than with caffeine?

A coffee enthusiast herself, Elle pulled up to the party with Flash Coffee to fuel us for the exciting evening ahead.

Since my house has a branch nearby, she used foodpanda's pick-up function and managed to snag 10 per cent off her order.

With unique flavours such as the Lychee Espresso Soda and the Iced Melaka Latte, we were in for a sensational treat.

A discount, a short workout and great coffee? Sign us up!

Nabilah, 26, neatnik

Whenever there is food, things tend to get messy, and I didn’t want any uninvited house ‘guests’. So, imagine my relief when my friend Nabilah, who is known to be a cleanliness freak, had us covered with cleaning supplies.

Unlike the coffee, we weren’t about to carry a bunch of heavy cleaning supplies over, so Nabilah got nine items delivered for a total of $36.15.

We were also impressed that the order arrived within 30 minutes, way faster than we’d expected and just in time to get our hands all cleaned up for our next activity.

Dennis, 24, kidult

Worried that everyone would only bring food and beverages, Dennis ordered a Lego set for us to play with while we were taking our regularly scheduled breaks from the telly. 

Now exclusively on foodpanda shops, the products were efficiently delivered within the hour.

To our surprise, our friend Elle steadfastly pieced together the Lego with ease while the rest of us struggled, laughing the evening away.

The ninja- and dragon-themed Lego set proved to be great fun for everyone, and we later aptly resumed our movie marathon with the martial arts film Ninja in the Dragon's Den starring Hiroyuki Sanada.

No sweat when you've got foodpanda

Despite throwing the party at the eleventh hour, the ease and efficiency of being able to order everything just from our mobile phones certainly proved handy.

For ‘cheapo’ people like us who always love a good deal, foodpanda did us right with their perks. Across the night, we enjoyed benefits such as:

  • Up to 50 percent off selected restaurants from now to Sept 25
  • 30 percent off pick-up for selected restaurants with no min. order value and discount cap from now to Sept 30

If you're also going to host a gathering soon, be sure to use the code XLCART80 to get $10 off $80, valid on food delivery, pandamart and foodpanda shops till Sept 30!

This article is brought to you in partnership with foodpanda.


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