Ford becomes first firm to make parts from 100% recycled plastic

PHOTO: sgCarMart

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Ford has claimed to be the first automaker to use 100 per cent recycled ocean plastics to produce car parts, thanks to the wiring harness clips in Ford Bronco Sport.

The clips are made out of discarded plastic fishing nets collected from the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, and are claimed to offer the strength and durability of petroleum-based plastic, but with a 10 per cent cost savings while requiring less energy to produce.

Invisible to vehicle occupants, the Bronco Sport's wiring harness clips, which weigh about five grams, fasten to the sides of the Bronco Sport second-row seats and guide wires that power side-curtain airbags.

Ford is already planning to use recycle ocean plastics for additional automotive parts including transmission brackets, wire shields and floor side rails - all stationary parts with strength and durability demands that the material can meet or exceed.

This article was first published in sgCarMart.