This garlic peeling hack is blowing up the internet and we're dying to try it

PHOTO: Twitter/ VPestilenZ

Oh, how I dread using garlic in my dishes because of the preparation -- I'd been taught to slice the root end of the garlic, then crush it with the side of the knife to remove the skin. 

Apparently, I've been peeling garlic wrong all my life!

According to Valentia Lord, a game lead based in Toronto, there is an easier way to tackle a clove of garlic. It'll cut back on prep time and all the hassle that comes with it. 

A video shared on her Twitter account showed how easy it is to do it with a small knife. Just one quick stab with the tip of the blade, and the clove is removed from its bulb in one swift move.

It took the person in the video about 25 seconds to remove 10 individual clean cloves without its skin (yes, I counted). Imagine all the time you'll save from this hack.

The garlic peeling hack has blown many minds, including those of celebrities and chefs. It even caught the attention of US model Chrissy Teigen, who's known to be an avid home cook. 

Writing this post has made me all excited to run home and try out the hack, especially after seeing people succeed at it.

However, a handful of disappointed souls responded to Lord's tweet that the hack did not work for them, like this complaint from a user.

The garlic cloves were pierced but failed to come out of the bulb.

Another Twitter user mentioned that maybe the type of knife used is crucial in picking out the garlic clove. Or perhaps, the freshness of the garlic might play a part in it too.

Here's to hoping that we'll be the lucky ones and this hack will change our lives forever.  

Try this garlic peeling hack and let us know if it works for you!

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