Gastrobeats 2022: Singapore's first large-scale lifestyle festival since the pandemic

Gastrobeats 2022: Singapore's first large-scale lifestyle festival since the pandemic
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The largest festival open to the public since the pandemic, Gastrobeats will transform the Bayfront Event Space into a 14,200 square metre urban lifestyle playground in June.

Organized by O4 Company, in collaboration with HydeNSeek Entertainment, look forward to three weeks of food — from both Singapore's streets and culinary masters — live performances, and fun activities.

Food, glorious food

Living up to Singapore's name and pride of being a foodie hub, Gastrobeats boasts more than 20 food and beverage stalls and 14 retail brands on the Local Streets.

It will be taking diversity to a whole new level by featuring popular food establishments alongside home-based food businesses, street food vendors, and the best traditional hawker fare.

Equally tempting, if not more, are the culinary masters, where you don't have to splurge to taste curated dishes from world-class chefs.

Featuring Australia's MasterChef sweetheart Sarah Todd and seasons one to ten judge George Calombaris, as well as Singapore's Masterchef winner and runner-up (Derek Cheong and Genevieve Lee respectively), each week will see a different, exclusive, and collaborated menu.

The dishes will be matched with bespoke cocktails created by Singapore's top mixologist, Peter Chua. Brace yourself for an elevated and dynamic food experience!

Live music

Bring your appetite for some live music to Gastrobeats where you will be serenaded by our best local musicians and talents. After two years of quiet, perhaps it's about time that we belt out heart-rending tunes from pop, rock and R&B genres. Full line-up to be released soon.


The little ones are not left out either — how cute will it be to see them take the role of a Michelin inspector? Presenting Gastrobeat's signature food-inspired bouncy castle carnival, kids will be treated to eight food inflatables where they can jump to their hearts' content.

Watch them dive into bubble tea toppings, hop onto a taco truck, ride down the massive slides at Tiger's Burger Joint, and more.



Pioneering the shift to perceiving graffiti writing as a competitive art form, Graffight creates a welcoming platform for aspiring and expert graffiti writers to compete against one another.


Formed in 2014, Graffight has since gained the attention of plenty of internationally famous writers such as Clogtwo, Mr Ewokone, etc.

With battles staged every Sunday, festival goers will be entertained, and may even learn a thing or two about the style, technical details, and artistic creativity that goes into this art form.

Food isn't just about filling our stomachs up; it's about bringing people and creating memories together. With its new-age designs, and family-friendly stalls installed this year, Gastrobeats will allow you to celebrate diversity, culture, and our local geniuses!

Gastrobeats will be open from 10.30am to 10.30pm daily from June 3 to June 26, 2022. This is a cash-less event. Entry is priced from $9, with 10 per cent off tickets with Visa cards. For more information on the event, food and performances lined up please visit the website

This article was first published in City Nomads.

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