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GE2020: Who wore it better? Nomination Day's most fashionable females

GE2020: Who wore it better? Nomination Day's most fashionable females
PHOTO: Facebook/Raeesah Khan, Shafie Goh, Twitter/leemeixianbt

The men don't get it — at least in terms of how much thought women put behind each outfit they wear. And we believe this to be true even on Nomination Day as political candidates turned up at the nomination centres decked in party colours. 

For the males, it's simple. Shirt and pants in their party's colours and it's settled. But for the female candidates (there are 40 this year), there's no standard-issue, one design fits all top and bottoms, and they are left to their own devices to put together their ensembles.

But our female politicians-to-be are certainly up for this challenge and here are some of the outfits we spotted on Nomination Day, complete with colour-coordinated face masks.

People's Action Party

Carrie Tan

Tan opted for a sleeveless top with pleated ruching in the middle for added shape and definition. Bonus points for its asymmetrical hem, making her outfit stylish and weather appropriate. 

Tin Pei Ling

Keeping it elegant but not boring, Tin opted for a modest boat neck, short-sleeve, textured top.

Sim Ann

If Sim was going for a dignified look, she nailed it. Her short-sleeve top had pleated details and her nude ballet flats completed her outfit.

Hany Soh

Soh stood out from her male counterparts by wearing a form-fitting white dress. But she's still a team player, choosing to match their black belts with one of her own. Also catching our eye was her unique red and white patterned face mask.

Josephine Teo

Teo went for a loose-fitting top and chose to place her party pin on the collar instead of in front, on the left like most other PAP candidates. She also sported the same mask as Soh, standing out in a sea of white reusable masks and blue surgical masks. 

Gan Siow Huang

Puffed sleeves and wide-legged pants. The ex-Singapore Armed Forces general certainly knows how to make a fashion statement, eschewing the usual slim cut bottoms that other female candidates typically opt for. 

 Indranee Rajah and Joan Pereira

The Tanjong Pagar candidates, perhaps taking cues from Chan Chun Sing, wore white polo tees with the PAP logo on them. In fact, Pereira's top looks identical to Chan's, right down to the inner strip of maroon at the buttonhole area.

Sun Xueling

Looking sporty was Sun who was in a white polo tee with red and blue trim that matched the rest of the Pasir Ris-Punggol team who entered the nomination centre together with her. She paired it with a pair of slim-cut capri pants and sneakers that made her look much younger than her actual age.

Rahayu Mahzam

It was all about the lacey details for Rahayu's outfit. Her lace top adds texture and visual interest while still matching perfectly with an all-white ensemble. 

Cheng Li Hui

Cheng opted to wear a one-piece white dress with a unique neckline that features a sideways slit, and an off-centre front slit at the skirt. She paired her dress with a pair of pointy nude flats for a well put-together look.

Workers' Party

The women of the Workers' Party (WP) all gathered together before heading out to their respective nomination centres. Kudos to them for getting tops with different styles in that particular WP shade of blue, which we believe is harder to come across than white tops.   

Sylvia Lim 

Stick to what you know works is what Lim clearly believes as she wore a top that we've seen her wear previously many a time. It is still flattering on her, as it is well cut with a round neckline and short sleeves. 

Nicole Seah, He Tingru and Tan Chen Chen

Puffed sleeves seem to be the otherwise default top for the WP women. Seah went for a tucked-in look, while Tan decided that the tuck out option was more her style. He, on the other hand, opted for a wider neckline, with one more button undone compared to the other two. Who says that you can't style the same top in different ways clearly has to take leaf from their book. 

Raeesah Khan

Raeesah went for a more modest look with a high neckline and long sleeves. But the highlight of the outfit must be the face mask printed with seigaiha waves that she wore, standing out amongst her WP mates who were primarily in blue-hued surgical masks.

Progress Singapore Party


Kayla Low and Hazel Poa

The women of Progress Singapore Party kept it simple, sticking to the same polo tee as their male counterparts. But unlike the other parties, it seems like the bottoms don't need to match, so it was a free-for-all in terms of their colour choices. 

Red Dot United

Liyana Dhamirah

From tudung and face mask to her long sleeve top, Liyana certainly put in the effort to be colour coordinated. She was the only who did so with her mask, unlike the rest of her team.

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