Genki Sushi now has 1 pax yusheng sets for people who don't want to share due to Covid-19


This year's Lunar New Year celebrations will definitely be more muted and toned down thanks to the pandemic.

Changes that have spoiled our festive plans include restrictions on the number of guests we can have over, electronic red packets and silent lo hei sessions.

However, a quiet lo hei may not be a sufficient enough precaution during these uncertain times. After the tossing and mixing is over, everyone still has to share the yusheng from the very same plate – something not everyone is comfortable with.

Therefore, Genki Sushi's Mini Yusheng – good enough for one pax – may just be the option for people who want to play it safe. 


According to, the adorable scaled-down version is going for just $5.80 and comes with radish, sliced carrots, chuka wakame (seasoned sesame seaweed), tanuki (crunchy tempura bits), four slices of salmon sashimi and a special house yuzu plum sauce.


Unfortunately, it is only available for dine-in so you can't order it for your reunion dinners at home.

The Mini Yusheng set will be available from now till Feb 26 at all Genki Sushi outlets across Singapore.