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Giving birth this year? Here are 9 interesting characteristics of Tiger babies

Giving birth this year? Here are 9 interesting characteristics of Tiger babies
PHOTO: Pexels, Unsplash

If you're expecting a baby this year, that would mean their Chinese zodiac would be the Tiger.

But what are Tiger babies like, and what personalities can you expect from someone with this zodiac?

We're sure many mums and dads are wondering what their tiny roaring tot will grow up to be, so we have listed down several interesting characteristics you can expect of those born in the Year of the Tiger.

But do remember that every baby grows differently, and these are only personalities that we might expect our children to have.

So don't worry too much if your Tiger baby happens to grow up with a completely different personality, mummies and daddies!

1. Optimistic

Babies born with a Tiger zodiac sign are expected to have personalities that can be optimistic and enthusiastic in everything they do.

They just have that bright energy that draws people to them.

2. Independent

As tigers are known to be fearless, your little one may also be brave enough to explore as Tiger babies tend to love freedom.

Pretty soon, you will see them solving things independently without anyone's help.

3. An eye for detail

For those who have already given birth to their baby this January, Way Feng Shui says your baby will grow to be very observant and can dive into complex problems.

Seems like you've got a little genius Tiger on your hands, mums and dads.

4. Overthinker

While Tiger babies can be hyper-observant, this can also mean that they tend to overthink a lot of things.

If your little one does grow up to struggle with this, try helping them by teaching them to focus on one thing at a time.

5. Cheerful

Tiger babies are also known to be full of joy and are consistently energetic. Their cheerful attitude can even lift up the mood of whoever they are with.

6. A trusted friend

As hardworking as your baby will be in the future, you will find that you can count on them with the most important tasks. Someone you can rely on to help you get the job done.

7. Always surrounded by a loyal pack

With their cheerful and optimistic personalities, this comes as no surprise. Your Tiger baby will have some popularity, with many of their peers looking up to them.

They will also have a solid group of friends they can rely on.

8. Confidence that is off the roof

Tigers are confident by nature and your Tiger baby will grow up to have a little — or a lot — of courage as well.

Just make sure their confidence doesn't get to their heads and they'll be fine!

9. Has a hard time expressing emotions

Your brave little Tiger baby may struggle with expressing what they feel as well.

Try to have one-on-one talks where they know they can have a safe space to express their emotions.

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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