Go green, the new Omnidesk ChopValue is a standing desk made from upcycled chopsticks

Go green, the new Omnidesk ChopValue is a standing desk made from upcycled chopsticks
PHOTO: Omnidesk

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Omnidesk and ChopValue have teamed up to create the Omnidesk ChopValue - Classic, a desk that they say is "Asia's First Carbon Negative Height-Adjustable Desk."

The ChopValue - Classic is the latest addition to Omnidesk's Eco-Collection and it's made from upcycled wood chopsticks. Yes, the same chopsticks that we receive and use when you takeaway noodles from a food store.

According to Omnidesk, the little wood chopstick is stronger than oak and harder and oak. And in Singapore, over 500,000 of these chopsticks get used and discarded every day. All the effort to make them and transport them over and all they do is get used for a quick meal.

To make these tables, ChopValue, a company that specialises upcycling chopsticks, harvests chopsticks from over 100 restaurant partners, hospitals, and offices in Singapore.

These chopsticks are then sent to a factory to be processed. First, they are soaked in vats of hot water for disinfection. Then, they are baked to 200ºC in a kiln before being pressed to create highly dense wooden tiles. The tiles are then sent to be finished into tabletops.

Omnidesk says these desks are just as strong as its offerings from premium woods. And because the desk is made from various upcycled chopsticks, each tabletop features wildly varying tones from "warm auburn to bright golden streaks." Additionally, each desk will feature an exclusive laser etching on the grommet cover.

The Omnidesk ChopValue - Classic is available in three sizes: 48-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch. They are also fully compatible with all Omnidesk legs, from the Ascent to the Pro 2020.

Pricing and availability

Prices of the Omnidesk ChopValue - Classic start at $1,399. And because the process of turning the wooden tiles into tabletops is an elaborate one, the Omnidesk ChopValue - Classic can only be produced in small batches. According to Omnidesk, once the initial run is sold out, any subsequent orders will need to be placed on a waiting list with priority given to customers who subscribe to the Omnidesk Newsletter.

Here's the full breakdown of prices.

Omnidesk ChopValue - Classic pricing
Size Ascent frame Pro 2020 frame
48-inch $1,499 $1,399
60-inch $1,649 $1,549
72-inch $1,799 $1,699

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