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'Good times were short-lived': 25-year-old laid off from her first job opens up about her unemployment journey

'Good times were short-lived': 25-year-old laid off from her first job opens up about her unemployment journey
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Ngnatnat

Complete your studies? Check. Secure a job right after graduation? Check, as well. 

Things seemed to be in order for Natalie, or Ngnatnat on TikTok – until she was laid off barely a year into her brand-new job.

Needless to say, it was not how she had expected her first job to turn out.

And being unemployed at 25 comes with its own set of challenges to navigate.

Last week, Natalie took to TikTok for a bit of "story time", sharing her journey and how she was coping after being laid off by her ex-employer.


She was a strategy analyst at a software firm, and in the beginning, things were going great at her new job.

Natalie shared that she had supportive mentorship, amazing colleagues and a nice office space. It was no surprise that she enjoyed her time there.

"Unfortunately, the good times were short-lived," she said.

The pandemic along with the current global economic situation has resulted in tech firms going on a layoff spree, with the likes of Spotify trimming six per cent of its workforce just last January.

The management associate programme Natalie was in didn't survive the axe.

But she didn't seem spiteful.

In fact, Natalie thanked the company for "doing right" by its employees and providing most of them with a "really good severance package and benefits".

This isn't exactly the norm, according to Natalie, so she gave the company credit for standing by its values, despite having to lay off a percentage of its workers.

The reactions in the comments section were split, with some giving her words of encouragement while others chose to be negative instead.

"All the best, it can be so disorienting but I hope it'll be the start of something new for you," one TikTok user wrote.

At the opposite end of the spectrum were comments telling Natalie she was working in a "fluff industry".

Seeing such comments had some TikTok users up in arms, mentioning how they are "downright rude and stink of jealousy".

It's not always a luxe life

Being laid off has been a surreal experience, Natalie shared in a previous TikTok video.

Her first week of unemployment started out very differently from what she had been used to, and she had the opportunity to pick up her toddler nephew from school.

Also, being able to spend more time with close ones was a privilege she did not previously have.

While categorising this situation as a blip in her career, Natalie is grateful that she does not have huge financial obligations.

Nowadays, she says she can enjoy her alone time by reading more, heading to the fitness studios at non-peak hours or just enjoying coffee at a cafe.

However, she's quick to remind others that most days are spent at home, working on job applications and practising for potential interviews.

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