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Gorgeous jewellery to get, according to your birthstone

Gorgeous jewellery to get, according to your birthstone
PHOTO: Tiffany & Co, Dior

There’s never a bad time to add a new gemstone to your jewellery box. But if you’re wondering what you should get, consider opting for a birthstone piece that corresponds with your birth month. Not only is it more meaningful and personal, wearing your birthstone is said to bring you good fortune, luck and protection.

But even if you don’t believe in such hearsay, these precious gems are still a great way to include colour in your outfit. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the birthstone jewellery pieces to get.

January: Garnet

As a talisman of travellers, garnets are commonly known to hold the power to protect their wearer from negative energies and deflect said energies back to their origins. On top of that, the word ‘garnet’ also comes from the Latin word for seedlike, ‘granatus’ – as it resembles the colour and shape of a pomegranate seed.

Chaumet Joséphine Aigrette ring, price available in store

February: Amethyst

The birthstone for those born in the second month of the year, amethyst represents purification and connection to spiritual and divine beings.

What’s more, many believe that the amethyst is a natural tranquiliser, as it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, and dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.

Small Rose Dior Pré Catelan Rin, price available in-store

March: Aquamarine

While aquamarine is less popular than other gems, it is still highly sought after for its beautiful hue and crystal structure. Back in the day, it was said that many sailors would bring aquamarines on their voyages for many reasons including getting a good night’s rest and warding off poisons by keeping one in their pocket while eating.

While we may not know how true that is, aquamarines are also said to inspire harmony in your marriage – which makes it a great gift if you’re planning to surprise a new bride or even for your mother.

Tiffany & Co. Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant, price available in-store

April: Diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and even more so for those who are born in the month of April. Besides being a symbol of everlasting love, diamonds are associated with courage, strength, love and health.

Cartier Love bracelet, small model, 6 diamonds, $9,300

May: Emerald

The emerald stone has long been associated with wisdom, growth, and patience. Additionally, it also supports the strength of character and the ability to cope with life’s misfortunes. Generally, it is a good stone for regeneration and recovery, and helps you align your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional balances.

Dior Mimirose Necklace, price available in-store

June: Pearl

Popularly known as a symbol of purity, wisdom, wealth and integrity, the pearl is said to have a soothing and calming effect on the wearer. To top it all off, it also helps to keep emotions under control, bestows facial charm, beauty, fame and promotes good memory.

Carrie K. Baroque Freshwater Pearls Necklace T3 12mm, $2,998

July: Ruby/Carnelian

Regarded by ancient Hindus as the “king of gems”, the ruby is believed to protect its wearer from evil. Today, the gemstone is usually associated with love and passion, and makes a great gift for your loved ones for any special occasion.

Bvlgari Fiorever Necklace, USD$11,150 (SGD$14993.63)

August: Peridot

Peridot, also known as evening emerald, is a gemstone that symbolises peace. Aside from its vibrant and exceptional shade of green, the gemstone is also believed to promote luck, wealth and prosperity, and keep jealousy and nightmares at bay.

Pomellato Ring M’Ama Non M’Ama, price TBC

September: Sapphire

The popular sapphire is widely believed to bring gifts of fulfilment, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty. Also, sapphires have been used to protect against negative energies, as well as calm the mind, strengthen intuition, and invite spiritual clarity.

While the sapphire does come in blue, it can also be found in many colours, including green, white, black, purple, pink, and yellow.

Piaget Sunlight earrings, $19,900

October: Opal

Opal is believed to keep the wearer away from harm and to give hope, so we recommend wearing it for a dose of optimism. The gemstone can also help to regulate and balance your emotions and moods, especially if your mood changes are due to mental health or hormonal issues.

Chopard La Fleur Imperiale, price available in-store

November: Topaz

The November birthstone, topaz, is thought to represent love and affection, and the bright colour of this piece certainly demonstrates its allure. What’s more, it is also believed to give the wearer increased strength and intellect.

Poh Heng Peace Around Topaz Pendant, $1,200

December: Turquoise

Turquoise is said to have protective qualities for health and wisdom, so wear it not only for style, but to boost your wellbeing as well. It’s also known as the stone of cleansing, and is a natural guard against anything that isn’t serving you, your body, or your mind.

Piaget Possession pendant, $6,850

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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