'Grateful for the memories': Fitness YouTuber Emi Wong splits with husband of 3 years

'Grateful for the memories': Fitness YouTuber Emi Wong splits with husband of 3 years
Emi Wong has split with her husband of three years, Chad.
PHOTO: Instagram/Emi Wong

Emi Wong has split with her husband of three years, Chad.

In an Instagram post on Thursday (May 18), the 31-year-old fitness YouTuber apologised to her audience for taking "some time" to announce that the couple had made "the difficult decision to go our separate ways".

"We will always be grateful for the memories and everything we built together, and we will continue to support each other as friends," the Hong Kong-based content creator continued. 

"Many of you have been a part of our journey, thank you for respecting our privacy and we appreciate your continued love and understanding as we begin our new chapters in life."

Accompanying the caption was a simple photo of a parachute against the blue sky.


Emi is known for workout content on her YouTube channel, which boasts six million subscribers. Alongside fitness content, she also shares recipes and travel vlogs.

On her website, she writes: "I used to lead a very unhealthy life, with partying and drinking being my favourite pastimes. It led to some health problems in my early 20s which was the turning point where I decided to change my lifestyle and take better care of my body."

She got certified as an advanced personal trainer while working in social media, before combining her two passions and starting her YouTube channel in 2017.

Chad used to be a common feature on her channel as well, but their last video together was uploaded in April 2022.


In the video, Chad mentioned that he and Emi got together in September 2013.

After seven years of dating, the couple wedded in a poolside ceremony in Phuket in 2020.


Fellow fitness YouTuber Booky Supanooch shared her well wishes for Emi on the latter's Instagram post: "Always support you, Emi. Get [stronger than] yesterday."

"Sorry to hear," wrote English footballer Charlie Scott, who currently plays for Hong Kong Premier League club Kitchee.

For some fans, the news was not a surprise.

"I noticed it's been a long time since you posted a photo together, which is weird because you [used to] always share many great moments with him," one comment read.

Another read: "I had a feeling about this because she's been travelling alone and/or with her friends [recently]."

Others wished her well and offered support.

"May you two embrace the changes gracefully. Wishing you guys the best [in] everything," one fan wrote.

"I can't imagine how hard a decision this is for the both of you, and for you to share this with us," wrote another. "We're always here for you, this too shall pass. Many people love you!"

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