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Hands-on: Samsung AirDresser, a steamer and sanitiser for your clothes

Hands-on: Samsung AirDresser, a steamer and sanitiser for your clothes
PHOTO: Hardware Zone

Joining the new Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner, the Samsung AirDresser is another one of the company's lifestyle products that, despite being revealed just a year ago, will finally make its way to Singapore.

Like the Bespoke Jet, the AirDresser was among the list of Bespoke Home products that Samsung launched, which is an expansion of their Bespoke line of fancy-looking household appliances. The AirDresser is a steam-based cleaner focused primarily on dry cleaning, sanitising and drying clothes.

The AirDresser isn't specifically designed to be the be-all-end-all replacement for regular cleaning, however. Samsung envisions it to be used for clothes that don’t usually get washed after just one use, such as suits, jackets, denim, and reusable masks. Rather than leaving them out to air, the AirDresser steps in as an in-between, helping to sanitise them or just keep them fresh.

The AirDresser works through three factors, JetSteam, JetAir and AirHangers. JetSteam is the steam that gets emitted, allowing the AirDresser to kill a claimed 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses, while JetAir is what allows the steam to be emitted from the top and bottom of the AirDresser.

Samsung also assures customers that drying is done at a lower temperature to prevent shrinkage, through what it calls Heatpump Technology.

AirHangers are hangers that can slide into the top of the AirDresser, and have a hollow centre to allow steam to more thoroughly reach the clothes from the top. The large size of the AirHangers, however, means that only three hangers can be fitted into the AirDresser at once.


A deodorising filter gets rid of common odours such as sweat, food and tobacco, while a Fresh Finish filter gives clothes a nicer smell through a scented sheet compartment. If you have a favourite cologne or perfume, you can spray it on a piece of cotton and place it inside the Fresh Finish filter to infuse the scent into your clothes.

As an aside, a dehumidifier setting also exists; just turn it on and leave the AirDresser door open and it will start drawing moisture from its environment. This can be handy for owners with walk-in wardrobes which typically suffer from poor ventilation.

The AirDresser also uses removable compartments for both water and drainage, meaning there's no plumbing involved. Samsung says that the water is good for five cycles before needing to be refilled.

For smaller items like toys and masks, a tray in the AirDresser can also be inserted into inside to leave them on to dry.

The AirDresser is controlled through a touch panel on the front, including settings for sanitisation, drying wet clothes and keeping clothes fresh. The AirDresser is also AI-equipped as well, as after 10 cycles, it will start recommending settings and courses of action based on what cycle options you've chosen previously.

It's worth mentioning at this point that a typical cycle takes between 30 minutes to an hour. This will vary depending on the type of clothes you have — thicker fabric and materials require more time.


Apart from that, the AirDresser is also equipped with humidity sensors that enable AI Dry, which gathers humidity data inside the AirDresser to determine the ideal drying time for the clothes inside.

If you own a compatible washing machine that's connected to Samsung's SmartThings app, you'll also get access to Auto Cycle Link, where the AirDresser can recommend the most appropriate drying cycle for clothes that have just finished being washed.


As for its looks, it only comes in a single Crystal Mirror finish. It certainly lives up to its name, being able to double-up as a full-length mirror should you choose. Its narrow width also allows it to be placed inside a cupboard, height, and wiring permitting.

Though the mirror finish is extremely reflective, I'd say it arguably makes it more inconspicuous, since people are more likely to just dismiss it as that, a mirror. Anecdotally speaking, I didn't notice that the AirDresser in the above picture was there at all until someone else opened it. Overall, its unobtrusive look means that it can blend into any setting you choose.

Availability and pricing

If the AirDresser looks and sounds like a good addition to have to your bedroom, be ready to pay a pretty penny for it. It's available now through Samsung's online store, and it'll set you back $2,499 . As an added bonus, though, you do get a complimentary 60 square metre Samsung Smart Air Purifier worth $649, if you order between now and Jan 31, 2022.

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This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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