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Haw Par Villa reopens with restored sculptures and fully air-conditioned 10 Courts of Hell

Haw Par Villa reopens with restored sculptures and fully air-conditioned 10 Courts of Hell
After months of waiting Haw Par Villa has finally reopened with new upgrades.
PHOTO: Facebook/Singapore Tourism Board

Stepping into the second half of the year is about to get more exciting, especially for fans of Haw Par Villa. The popular Singaporean theme park has finally reopened with “extensive upgrading” and a new fully air-conditioned 10 Courts of Hell. 

The local park originally planned to be closed only until March 31, but the park operator, tour company Journeys, needed more time to “further enhance its offerings”, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) had said. 

Haw Par Villa finally reopens in July

As you may know, Haw Par Villa is an Asian cultural theme park. It is popular for its repository of Chinese mythology, folklore, legends and history. The 10 Courts of Hell is also a well-known attraction at Haw Par Villa that depicts the punishments of the afterlife in great detail. 

The theme park, located in Pasir Panjang, closed in Oct 2020 for improvements on site. 

After nine months of waiting, Haw Par Villa will now be open to the public again starting from July 1. But more offerings and upgrades are still in store. 

New upgrades at the local theme park

In a Facebook post by STB, it was mentioned that some of the new upgrades at the theme park include:

  • Restored sculptures that underwent conservation work such as the main arch
  • Enhanced night lighting 
  • A new projection mapping that will greet visitors once they enter the park
  • A now fully air-conditioned 10 Courts of Hell diorama

What’s in store for fans of Haw Par Villa 

While the 10 Courts of Hell has been made fully air-conditioned, the attraction is unfortunately still closed. That’s because it will be part of the park’s upcoming new attraction, Hell’s Museum. According to a post on Haw Par Villa’s official Facebook page, the launch of Hell’s Museum will be on Oct 28 this year.

Among the new offerings by the park is a new restaurant that will be added in October. 

The theme park still has some outstanding repairs which will hopefully be completed by September, says Journeys senior researcher, Eisen Teo, as per The Straits Times

“Drop by Haw Par Villa for your next offbeat excursion, and stay safe by exploring responsibly,” STB wrote in their post. 

So if you’re planning a family trip but haven’t yet zeroed in on any place, we’d recommend checking out Haw Par Villa as there is lots to explore. 

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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