Heading to Italy? This outlet mall has luxury bags at 50% off

Heading to Italy? This outlet mall has luxury bags at 50% off
PHOTO: Fendi, Burberry

Are you a lover of luxury bags? How about getting them at up to 50 per cent discount? On my trip to Europe, I made my way to The Mall Factory Outlet, one of Italy's most renowned shopping outlets. It is popular for housing a wide range of prominent brands selling their goods at discounted rates.

While looking around, I found some bags that I thought were a steal. I'm talking $1000 bags going at about $700, and even $4000 bags going at $2000.

With discounts like these, I couldn't not share some of the standouts that I found while making my way through the stores. Keep reading to find out more.

Note: all SG prices have been converted from Euros and rounded to the nearest dollar

Burberry's small Olympia leather shoulder bag in light biscuit

This shoulder bag is perfect if you are looking for a bag that can match with any outfit. In the colour Light Biscuit, this calf-leather bag features an extendable leather strap and a flap closure. There is also a front zip pocket as shown in the picture.

This surprisingly spacious bag is able to fit your on-the-go makeup, phone, shades, and more.

Price in boutiques: 1650€ (S$2,413)

Price at The Mall Factory Outlet: 1070€ 

Burberry's half cube bag in deep orange

This flashy orange bag will add a pop of zest to your luxury bag collection. It has a grainy texture with the Burberry logo embossed on the front. There are two gold-coloured zips to fasten the bag shut and a leather-covered tag.

There is also a padlock for the zippers so you can bring this chic and fiery carry-on along with you on your travels without worrying too much about pickpockets.

Price in boutiques: 1290€ ($1,887)

Price at The Mall Factory Outlet: 840€ 

Burberry's Lorne Bucket Crossbody Bag

I'll just admit to it: I loved this one so much that I had to get one of my own. It's the luxury bucket bag that I never knew I needed. Featuring Burberry's iconic checkered design, the bag comes in three variations: with a black strap, a red strap (which I got), and a brown strap.

This bag has a base that allows me to put items such as my water bottle in without having it topple sideways. It also makes use of a magnetic closure that easily snaps shut.

Price in boutiques: 695€ 

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 520€ 

Burberry's Horseferry House note shoulder bag

For a bag that screams both simple and bold, this shoulder bag is equal parts elegant and vibrant. For those wondering what Horseferry House is, the name refers to the headquarters of Burberry itself. With the text in eye-catching red against the white of the bag, you will surely turn heads with it.

The brown detailing on the flap and the white stitching lends a vintage look to the design. For fans of the brand, this is a must-have in your collection.

Price in boutiques: 950€ ($1,389)

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 620€ ($906)

Small baby banner leather in cinnamon red

Can there ever be enough office bags in a collection? If you want one that you will never get bored of, this sturdy bag is the answer. With both zip and pouch pockets, the lining inside is 100 per cent cotton. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap so you can always change up your look as and when you want to.

Price in boutiques: 900€

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 650€

Fendi's double-sided calf leather shoulder bag

Now this bag blew me away when I first laid eyes on it. Fans of Fendi know that they are iconic for designing out-of-this-world goods, and this is a testament to that.

This bag (both front and back) is covered in gorgeous embroidery reminiscent of summer days. It's perfect for those who want to wow their friends and family, or who just want a statement piece.

Price in boutiques: 2600€

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 1560€

Fendi's Mon Tresor calf leather shoulder bag

Another bucket bag to add to your list of potential purchases is this shoulder bag that comes in a soothing blush-brown shade. One of the highlights in this bag's design is its uniquely large buttons and button holes on the strap so you can adjust the length of it.

It comes with a typical drawstring closure that most are familiar with.

Price in boutiques: 1650€ 

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 990€ 

Fendi's hot pink mini Mon Tresor bag

This hot pink bag happens to be the smallest in this round-up. Similar to the previous bag, it features a drawstring closure. It comes with a bag handle and a shoulder strap - and I think it can look cute either way!

There's a mini pocket at the front with a zip that you can use to store small items that might get lost in the bag.

Price in boutiques: 1500€ 

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 900€ 

Fendi's mini Mon Tresor fabric bag

Want a bag with Fendi's iconic design? This yellow one is eye-catching and unbelievably cute. It incorporates most of the elements seen in the two previous Fendi bags I've discussed, namely a drawstring closure and both a bag handle and a shoulder strap.

Price in boutiques: 1400€ 

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 840€ 

Bottega Veneta's classic cutch bag in maroon

This shoulder bag is a Bottega Veneta classic. It has a unique closure; you have to push the circle in the centre before the bag unlocks and you can open the flap. One thing I love about this bag is the lack of a logo - this is a bag that lets its simple yet impactful design speak for itself.

The maroon colour itself is particularly beautiful and can be paired with a dreamy date outfit or a meal in a fancy restaurant. Your pick.

Price in boutiques: 2100€ 

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 1470€

Bottega Veneta's The Shell crossbody bag

I feel like this is one of those bags that you either love or hate, no in-between. For me, I find the design quirky and unique - in a good way! There is a drawstring pouch within the outer shell where you will store all your items.

It has bag handles and a shoulder strap as well, but I personally think it would look best in your hands. It may be a bit bulky to wear across your body or slung on your shoulder.

Price in boutiques: 2400€ 

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 1680€ 

Gucci's Sylvie Wicker shoulder bag

Do you love the look of rattan bags? This bag by Gucci takes it up a notch by including a leather flap, a gold-coloured clasp, and a comfortable handle that won't make your hands itch while holding it.

As I ran my hand over the rattan weaving, I was surprised by how smooth it felt. It also has a glossy finish that reflects the light and brings attention to it.

It comes in both maroon and black.

Price in boutiques: 2980€

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 1490€

Gucci's GG chic handbag

I love a good clutch bag, and this red one with the Gucci detail really caught my eye. The flap incorporates yellow and black to add dimension and the gold chain strap is dainty and sophisticated.

Inside the bag is two compartments for you to put all your things in for a night out.

Price in boutiques: 2100€ 

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 1050€

Gucci's Dahlia handbag

You will first notice that there are two bags in this picture. Whilst the smaller one is full mustard, the bigger one uses both yellow and red that complement each other. Both feature the gold Gucci logo detail on the clasp and shoulder straps to sling over your body.

The pair of bags have firm bases, which I always prefer in a bag. The two contain additional compartments inside as well.

Price in boutiques: 1980€ and 1690€ 

Price in The Mall Factory Outlet: 990€ ($1448) and 845€

The Mall Factory Outlet is located at Via Europa, 8, 50066 Leccio FI, Italy.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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