Here's how you can travel to Europe with your Singapore Covid-19 vaccination certificate — no conversion needed

Here's how you can travel to Europe with your Singapore Covid-19 vaccination certificate — no conversion needed

International travel is opening up and multiple Vaccination Travel Lanes (VTLs) have been launched, but travellers should still be alert to potential regulation changes due to the dynamic nature of the pandemic. 

For instance, on Nov 11, it was announced that Singapore residents would no longer be able to enjoy two-way quarantine-free travel with Denmark after being reclassified as a country with a high risk of Covid-19 infections. 

However, there is some good news for those who are travelling to Europe. On Wednesday (Nov 24), The European Commission announced that Covid-19 certificates issued by Singapore are now recognised as the equivalent of the European Union's Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC).

This will take effect from today (Nov 25) onwards. 

This means that those holding a Singapore Covid-19 certificate will be able to use it under the same conditions as people who have an EUDCC, which is valid across all EU countries. It also means that travellers can use their vaccination certification to avoid quarantine in Denmark. 

Another piece of good news stemming from this is that now, Singaporeans will not need to painstakingly convert their Singapore Vaccination Certificate into an EUDCC. 


Prior to this, it was necessary for Singaporeans to convert their vaccination certificates as many VTL countries in Europe require a EUDCC to visit restaurants and attractions

This was a huge hassle as the conversion methods varied across all EUDCC countries and areas. Some countries like the Netherlands and Finland didn't even offer conversions, so tourists would have to prove that they were Covid-free by other means like Covid-19 tests. 

While the certificate recognition news is great for folks itching to travel to Europe or any of the non-EU countries and territories, how exactly does one acquire and prepare their certificate? 

How to store and display your EUDCC 

Thankfully, it's not as complicated as you'd expect it to be. All you have to do is scan and store your Notarise vaccination certificate using one of these three apps: 

  1. Luca (iPhone/Android
  2. Covid Certificate (iPhone/Android)
  3. TousAntiCovid (iPhone/Android)

If you would prefer to not have a separate app, fret not as you can always just convert your certificate into a digital copy here and add it to your iPhone or Android mobile wallet. 

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