Homeowner provides tips on how to use Taobao app as non-Mandarin speaker

Homeowner provides tips on how to use Taobao app as non-Mandarin speaker
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Thatapartmentclub

There was a time when buying furniture almost always meant a trip to Ikea.

Nowadays, there's a lot more ways to obtain your furnishings, especially with online shopping options such as Taobao.

Myra, who goes by Thatapartmentclub on TikTok, was more than willing to explore Taobao in search of furniture for her new three-room flat.

"A wise person told me 'Just get everything from Taobao because it's so cheap'," Myra said.

She was sold on the idea but there was just one major stumbling block. Myra doesn't understand a word of Mandarin and Taobao is, of course, a Chinese online shopping platform.

However, she took it upon herself to overcome this obstacle and ended up posting a TikTok clip on how non-Mandarin speakers can best navigate Taobao.

Step one was to download three essential apps on your phone.

@thatapartmentclub How to Buy Furniture on Taobao Without Mandarin Skills! Step by Step Guide: 1️⃣🤔 **The Challenge**: Buying furniture on Taobao without Mandarin skills can be daunting. 2️⃣🔍 **Step 1 - Research**: First, thoroughly research the furniture you need. 🔍 3️⃣🛒 **Step 2 - Taobao Search**: Use Taobao's search bar to find your desired items. 📦 4️⃣🔤 **Step 3 - Translation Tools**: Utilize translation apps or browser extensions for product descriptions. 📱 5️⃣📤 **Step 4 - Chat with Sellers**: Communicate with sellers using simple English or translation apps. 🗣️ 6️⃣💳 **Step 5 - Payment**: Set up Alipay or another payment method for secure transactions. 💳 7️⃣🚢 **Step 6 - Shipping**: Choose a reliable shipping method and input your address. 📦 8️⃣📬 **Step 7 - Delivery**: Track your order and receive updates. 🚚 9️⃣👍 **Step 8 - Quality Check**: Upon delivery, inspect your furniture for any damage. 🔍 🌟 **Benefits**: Buying from Taobao offers great deals and unique furniture pieces. 💰 🌐 **Accessibility**: This guide ensures everyone can access Taobao's treasures, language barrier or not! 🌍 Feel free to ask for more details on any step! 😊 . #fyp #taobao #taobaohaul #taobaofurniture #homeowner ♬ Ghibli-style nostalgic waltz - MaSssuguMusic

They are Pinterest, Google and Taobao.

Scroll through imaging sharing platform Pinterest to find and screenshot a specific piece of furniture you are interested in, instructed Myra.

"Using the camera function [on the app], Taobao actually can locate the exact copy or similar type of furniture," she added.

Then Google Translate comes in when you need to read reviews from past buyers and, maybe more importantly, communicate with sellers.

Just like before, screenshot whatever information you need translated and upload the photo using the camera function, but on the Google Translate app this time around.

"So that's how you [navigate] Taobao. I hope you enjoy it and save money man! You will need it," Myra said.

Over in the comments section, netizens were in glee at the fact that they can now shop on Taobao.

Besides her video on how to navigate Taobao, Myra also have other TikTok videos centred around interior design. 

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