House tour: Unique cafe concept in this 4-bedroom EC in Woodlands

PHOTO: Home & Decor

This 1,270sqf apartment is really chic, cool and hip!

The homeowners of this four-bedroom EC in Woodlands requested for their interior designer Carmen Tang of Wolf Woof to create a unique home. They wanted a cafe-like concept, where there are pockets of spaces they can chill at.

In the living room, Carmen designed a Pantone-inspired TV console.

PHOTO: Home & Decor

The main feature in the home is the dining-cum bar area next to the living room. Unlike most families who prefer a conventional dining table, the homeowners wanted a unique configuration where they can enjoy meals with a view, resulting in this cantilevered dining room.

PHOTO: Home & Decor

A neutral colour palette of whites, blacks, greys and light wood tones was incorporated to add to the timeless appeal.

PHOTO: Home & Decor

The top-hung cabinetry and table offers pockets of storage space and display area without appearing overbearing. This way, the home is still kept bright and airy.

PHOTO: Home & Decor

Geometric patterns from carpets and rugs also help to add visual interest.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.