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How to channel your inner tiger in the lunar new year

How to channel your inner tiger in the lunar new year
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What do Singapore's Transport Minister S Iswaran (born in 1962), Senior Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad, and Minister of State for Trade and Industry Low Yen Ling (both born in 1974) have in common with Queen Elizabeth II (born in 1926), Lady Gaga and Drake (both born in 1986)?

They were all born in the Year of the Tiger. Based on such evidence, you'd think everyone who's a tiger is a natural-born leader!

In this Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger, which occurs every 60 years (that puts Minister Iswaran, and actors Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey in the same boat), here are some ways to channel your inner tiger, whether you were born one or not.

According to science...

Power lah, these peeps - we could really take a leaf out of their books.
Power lah, these peeps - we could really take a leaf out of their books. PHOTO: (Clockwise from top left) Sport Singapore, Screeengrab/YouTube/@evanjdesilva, Sim Ding En, Jenny Choo and Instagram/@shabirmusic

Tigers keep their eyes on the prize

There's a reason why panthera tigris, the tiger, is an apex predator.

Keeping its eyes fixed on its target, a tiger hunts with great stealth and patience, pouncing at the right moment and moving in for the kill.

Many exceptional Singaporeans (like these ones) have achieved success this way, by staying focused and sticking to their guns - sans the bloodshed, of course!

Photo: Pexels

Tigers are adaptable

A tiger's physical adaptations (its ability to remain camouflaged, its keen sense of smell and hearing, its ability to hunt at night) help it stay at the top of the food chain.

Likewise, when you're forced to make changes, it's a good chance to test and stretch your creativity, and build character.

Remember how many of us had to adapt to working from home at the onset of Covid-19?

According to the Chinese zodiac...

Tigers are generous

There's no better way to exude big-cat energy than performing acts of charity and supporting the community.

There are so many ways to lend a helping hand in Singapore - whether through helping our migrant worker friends or donating blood.

We gave some great suggestions over Christmas, but these can be goodwill go-to's all year round.

PHOTO: Sentosa Development Corporation

Tigers are adventurous

You don't need to be born in the year of the tiger to have a spirit of adventure.

And being adventurous doesn't always mean you have to find yourself trekking through the jungle (but if you are looking to get yourself outdoors more this year, Sentosa now has some awesome tours in celebration of their Golden Jubilee).

There's always something to discover or rediscover on our Little Red Dot, so why not make this the year you embrace being a local tourist?

Tigers are powerful

Make a commitment to be a stronger person this year, both physically and mentally. We have recommendations on how to keep fit and eat healthy.

Plus, here are some avenues to achieving mental wellness or ways you can help a loved one struggling with their mental health.


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