How to choose the best type of hanger for different clothes

PHOTO: Unsplash

So you think you're doing everything you can to care for your clothes - from dry -cleaning to investing in plant-based detergent.

But how are you letting your clothes spend the majority of its time, ie hanging in your wardrobe?

If you're guilty of reaching for the closest out-of-shape plastic hanger, or using only one type of hanger in your whole closet for aesthetic purposes, you might just be shortening the wearable life span of your clothes.

Here are five tips to picking the best hangers for your clothing piece.

1. Keep moths at bay with cedar hangers


The insect-repelling properties of red cedar might just be the solution to your moth-bitten clothes. It also means that don't have to go about your day smelling like moth balls.

2. Prevent snagging with padded hangers

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By being softer and smoother than most delicate items you own, such as knitwear or lace blouses, padded satin hangers won't snag or cause bumps.

3. Maintain the shape of small-sized tops with children's hangers


If your clothes are petite and end up stretched out on regular hangers, try using ones made for children. They usually come in fun colours which might be useful if you're into colour-coding your closet.

4. Prevent slipping with velvet/tacky hangers

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Keep slinky camisoles and wide-neck pieces from falling off the hanger by using a velvet or tacky hanger.

5. Keep pants pressed with clamp hangers

PHOTO: Fruugo

The even distribution of weight from the clamp not only keeps your pants in place and straight, but also avoids the dents from clip hangers.

This article was first published in Her World Online.