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How to create Jessi’s unapologetic Instagram baddie makeup

How to create Jessi’s unapologetic Instagram baddie makeup
PHOTO: Instagram/jessicah_o

Rapper-singer-songwriter Jessi is a breath of fresh air in the Korean entertainment industry. Perhaps owing to her upbringing in America, the star is unapologetic in how she presents herself in stark contrast to the norms of South Korea.

Tanned, outspoken and not afraid to embrace her curves, Jessi shot to fame after placing second in rapper survival show Unpretty Rapstar (2015) and has since released hits such as Nunu Nana (2020) and Don't Touch Me (2020).

She has also tapped on her magnetic personality to find success on variety shows including Hangout with Yoo (2020) and Sixth Sense (2020-21) as well as on her own web talk show Jessi's Showterview.

In light of Jessi's 33rd birthday on Dec 17, let's take a look at how Jessi breaks conventional Korean beauty standards with her bold Asian baby girl (ABG) makeup aesthetic.

Full coverage


While Korean beauty standards call for natural-looking base makeup, Jessi isn't afraid to reach for her full coverage foundation. Her flawless base serves to accentuate the rest of her makeup.

Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation, $26.90, from Guardian

The Superstay foundation is Maybelline's fullest coverage foundation and it will definitely give you that full Jessi beat. If your outfit shows off your neck, chest and shoulders, mix some foundation with body lotion before applying to these exposed areas to create a cohesive look.

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Contoured for the gods


In an episode of The Manager, Jessi revealed that she usually does her own contouring by herself without the help or assistance of her makeup artist.

This means that Jessi is very aware of her facial features and knows how to best sculpt them. The same rule applies here: Study your face shape and learn how to accentuate them without blindly following trends.

RCMA Makeup 5 Part Palette,$41, from Beautylish

RCMA Makeup is a brand that creates professional-level makeup. As such, this foundation palette has multiple shades that have been created to be versatile enough to be used as foundation, contour and highlight.

You can use it to contour under the foundation for a subtle sculpt or over foundation for a more chiselled effect.

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Overlined lips


In a video for 1stLook, where she revealed the contents of her handbag, Jessi cleared up the misconception that she regularly gets lip fillers (she said her last filler was three to four years ago).

Her dramatic pout instead comes from overlining her lips, which she does so skillfully. Overlining your lips can seem daunting and unnatural at first, but you'll slowly get used to it.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $38, from Sephora

Besides Nars, Jessi also gushed over lip pencils from Mac Cosmetics in the same episode.

This lip pencil has a velvet matte finish so it wouldn't be too drying, thanks to the emollients added, while promising long-lasting wear. Just remember to sharpen it before every use to create sharp lines.

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Strong brows


Another key feature of Jessi's makeup is perfectly done up brows. Regularly trimming your brows to keep them in shape and get rid of stray hairs is a great way to maintain your brows.

Another tip is to use concealer or foundation to clean up with edges of the brows after drawing them to ensure that they are as crisp as possible.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, $35, from Sephora

Brow pomades are necessary to create the bold, defined brows that Jessi sports.

Not only are they pigmented (so you'll need the slightest amount), brow pomades are waterproof and can last on oily skins and through hot, humid weather conditions.

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False eyelashes


Mascara helps the eye look brighter and more awake.  False eyelashes can also create the same effect. Moreover, false eyelashes also come in varying designs and lengths to complement any eye look you're trying to create.

Velour Lashes Vegan Luxe Eye Lashes Collection in Whispie Me Away, $40, from Sephora

These lashes that are longer in length creates a cat-eye effect, a look that we often see on Jessi. The false eyelashes also aren't too voluminous that it hides any eyeshadow look you've painstakingly created.

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This article was first published in Her World Online.

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