How Elva Hsiao dealt with a scar on her face, plus her top beauty tips

PHOTO: Instagram/hsiaoelva

Ever since she got scout after competing in the 1998 New Talent Singing Awards, Elva Hsiao has become one the most recognisable female singers in the Mandopop realm.

In 2020, Elva Hsiao released Naked Truth to celebrate her 20th anniversary and most recently made headlines when she reappeared after a long hiatus at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards where she presented the Best Mandarin Female Singer award (to Tanya Chua.

Ahead, we celebrate the Taiwanese pop singer and multi-hyphenate by taking a look at some of Elva Hsiao’s beauty tips, including how she faded scars from a wound inflicted by her dog.

Fade scars

In February 2021, Elva Hsiao got bitten on the face by her adopted dog. The injury left a scar on the face after she suffered skin necrosis. Elva Hsiao later underwent laser treatment to help the scar fade. She added that she did the procedure without anaesthesia and it felt like she was “getting burnt by an iron”.

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But if you don’t have the cash to shell out for aesthetic treatment to fade the scar, you could try scar creams. This Smith & Nephew scar cream uses medical-grade silicone to ensure that the scar tissue stays hydrated and reduces the production of collagen fibres that results in red and discoloured scars.

Oil up

Elva Hsiao once shared that when her skin is feeling parched, she would reach for a moisturising facial oil and apply a few drops to her face. She would warm them up between her palms first before pressing them onto the face and neck. She would also do this step before makeup.

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Jojoba oil is one of the best facial oils to use because its structure is very similar to that of sebum. As such, it aids to balance the complexion, regulate sebum production and thus nourish both dry and oily skin as a whole.

Dramatic lashes

If you can’t tell, Elva Hsiao is a fan of big, voluminous eyelashes. She focuses them on the upper lash line to make the eyes appear wider, bigger and more awake.

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Elva Hsiao likely has eyelash extension done as she almost always has dramatic lashes even when bare-faced. But if you don’t want to go through the procedure or deal with the upkeep, false eyelashes are a way to cop her look.

These Kiss reusable false eyelashes use a magnetic formula to keep them in place while boasting long-lasting, smudge-free wear.

Blotted lips

Elva Hsiao’s preferred method of lipstick application is to wear it softly blotted. If your lip colour is very pigmented, you can create the soft wash effect by tapping on the colour with your fingers or blotting off the excess with facial tissue.

Elva Hsiao also seems to prefer nude shades over bold reds.

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The Powder Kiss line of lipsticks was created to deliver the soft-focus colour of a blotted lip. While it has a matte formula, the powder pigments are moisture-coated to ensure hydration and a lightweight, balm-like feel.

This article was first published in Her World Online.