How to give yourself a facial massage at home

How to give yourself a facial massage at home
Try these at-home facial massage tips to get rid of puffiness.
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No time for an express facial?

Janice Pang, manager and head therapist at Estetica Northpoint has these tips for a DIY facial massage at home.

Step 1

Always wash your hands and cleanse your face before starting on a facial massage.

Ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed of any residual makeup and impurities.

Step 2

Exfoliate your face (if you don't do it regularly) to get rid of dead cells and accumulated grime on the skin's surface.

This will help ensure maximum absorption of skincare used during the facial massage.

Step 3

If time permits, prep skin with a hydrating face mask for an extra boost.

This will also plump skin to enable smooth, gliding strokes during the facial massage.

Step 4

Based on your skin type, apply a suitable serum and wait a few minutes for it to be fully absorbed.

Then apply a cream that is rich enough for your hands to glide around your face easily with no skin tugging.

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Step 5: Face lifting with firm pressure

Using two to three fingers on each hand, massage in circular motions starting from your chin to the base of your ears, corner of your lips to the centre of your ears, top of your upper lip to the top of your ears, and side of your nose to your temples.

Repeat three times, concentrating on the areas with the most tension (typically around the jawline).

Step 6: Smooth frown lines

Move your fingers across your forehead in a zigzag motion to relax muscles.

Reduce the appearance of crease lines by sliding your fingers in an upwards motion from the base of your forehead to the top, from one side of your face to the other.

Repeat three times, concentrating on the areas where wrinkles are more pronounced.

Step 7: Care for eyes

Apply a small amount of eye cream on the eye contours.

Starting from the temples, use your ring finger to massage in small circular motions, following an oval path under the eyes and over the top.

Repeat three times, concentrating on the under-eye areas to get rid of fluid accumulation. This will lessen the appearance of eye bags.

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Alternatively, use an eye massager like the Est.lab A+ Intelligent Eye Revitaliser ($106) to do the heavy lifting.

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Step 8: End off with your neck and decolletage

Using light vertical strokes, massage from your collarbone to your jawline in quick upward motions from one side to the other for a lifting effect.

Repeat three times.

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