How to make your home a conducive space for learning

Even the smallest nook in your home can be a conducive study space for your kids.

With the right design, you can help boost their creativity and productivity.

Here are some tips on how to create a well-designed and conducive learning home for your young learners:

1. Colours play a vital role in your kids' study habits. Using bold colours will keep them hyped up and distracted, while warm and neutral tones are more inviting than having just an all-white space.

Keep it toned down so that you won't overstimulate their senses.

Look at how comfortable and tranquil this nook using walnut veneer and honey-toned upholstery.

2. Bring in the natural light to keep their energy up. Having a dim space will do them no good so make sure that you allow them to study in a corner with a good amount of sunlight.

Not only can it boost their mood, but it can also energise them while studying.

3. If there is no direct sunlight coming through your windows, you can still achieve a well-lighted space by using good light fixtures. Make sure that you use yellow lights since it has a lower wattage than the white ones.

Let them burn the midnight oil without affecting their eyes and causing them so much eye strain by investing in a good adjustable desk lamp.

4. Give them a little privacy when they are studying by considering adding a wall or a glass door in their study nook. This will allow them to block out distractions from their surroundings and help them focus more on what they are learning.

5. Adding plenty of greens in their study space will provide them something relaxing to look at whenever their eyes are getting tired from looking at their laptop screens or reading from books. Also, green stimulates creativity.

6. Of course, the design is important to have a stylish study space, yet comfort is an important aspect that should not be compromised.

In creating a conducive study space for your precious one, choose an ergonomic chair to maintain good posture, get the perfect table that suits his height, and add as much shelving units as you can to keep his space neat and organised.

This article was first published in Cromly.