How to make your mirror look extra special

How to make your mirror look extra special

Mirrors are one of those home accents that you can easily use.

Whether you are doing a full renovation or just a quick touch up, mirrors can make your space look more interesting and beautiful.

Place it anywhere and it can instantly brighten up or enlargen your room. 

With all of its amazing uses, have you considered taking a step further by upgrading your mirror? Here are some ideas:


Are your plant's vines growing longer?

Don't cut it yet and let it climb up your mirror! Look at how this mirror looks more like a secret passage to another dimension as the climbing vines peek through it.



Make your round mirror look more hardworking by customising it.

You can try putting a thick frame around it so that it can hold another wooden plank in the middle that will double as a storage space. It's not just stylish, it's also functional.



Make your vintage mirror look whimsical and dreamy by adding a couple of string lights on its edges to make it glow even in the dark.



Or you can install LED lights to this versatile piece.

Just look at how the rear soft glow of LED-backlit mirror exudes a different kind of glow and sophistication throughout the room. 



Your accent wall will look more stylish when you install mirrors of the same shapes but different sizes side by side.

This will add a creative touch to your room, like an al fresco painting splashed on your wall but with mirrors. 



Natural wood-framed mirrors really never go out of style.

Take your cue from how these mirrors give off a lovely rustic glow to the interiors of this home.



But you can still opt to make your own decor by putting together your mirror and window frames.

Voila-vintage mirrors that will surely turn heads!



Let your mirror shine and catch everyone's attention by glueing rhinestones on its edges instead of using old window frames to support it.

A little shimmer won't do any harm to your interiors, right?



Or if you are not a fan of glitzy pieces, you can also DIY your mirror decor using wood stalks to exude some country charm.



Not all stylish pieces are pricey-sometimes, you can make them at home.

This beautiful geometric gem mirror might look pretty complicated to do, but surprisingly it's not!

You can also get the materials easily at home!

Follow the steps here at A Beautiful Mess and tag us when you have completed yours.



Who would've thought that this mirror is made from plastic Easter eggs and spray paint?

This DIY bubble mirror is a dupe to those luxe mirrors, which can be bought from furnishing stores.


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