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How to prevent baby from catching virus at infant care centre

How to prevent baby from catching virus at infant care centre
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What can you do to boost your baby's immunity in infant care? You're afraid that she would catch virus from other kids at the centre.

We ask Dr Natalie Epton, a specialist paediatrician for her advice.

Breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed!

"I can't emphasise this enough: Nursing significantly reduces the frequency and severity of upper respiratory, ear, nose and throat, gastro-intestinal and urinary tract infections," Dr Epton shares.

The World Health Organisation and other major health groups recommend exclusive breastfeeding up to six months, and continued breastfeeding while introducing solids up to age two.

Ensure your baby has good nutrition and rest

At four months, he needs around 16 hours of sleep a day (from 7pm to 7am, and two two-hour naps).

Infections in early childhood are part of acquiring a healthy immune system. It is normal to have approximately 12 infections (or one a month) in his first year of life, Dr Epton assures.

Immunity can improve in the long-term

It has also been proven that placing a baby in an infant care centre from an early age can improve his immunity in the long-term, Dr Epton adds.

It may reduce the risk of certain childhood cancers, such as leukaemia, by up to 30 per cent, as well.

This article was first published in Young Parents

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