How retired Hong Kong actress Cherie Chung stays youthful at 60

PHOTO: Weibo/Cherie Chung

You probably know her from the hit shows Once A Thief and Zodiac Killers — just to name a few — that aired back in the 1990s. Since then, Hong Kong film actress Cherie Chung has been a fan-favourite and has captured the hearts of all who've followed her career throughout the years.

Even though Cherie left the entertainment industry years ago, long-time fans still keep up with her life that she openly shares about on Weibo. The former Miss Hong Kong Pageant contestant just turned 60 in mid-February and she was seen celebrating her birthday with fellow actress Kelly Chen and popular food critic Chua Lam.

She shared pictures of the celebration online and we still can't get over how youthful she looks, especially for her age. She's undoubtedly aged gracefully over the years and it's hard to wrap our heads around the fact that she's hit 60.

Even though we may not know Cherie's personal secret that prevents her from ageing, we do have some beauty tips that'll come in handy to keep you looking youthful over the years. From keeping to a strict skincare regimen to popping the right colour onto your lips, here are some useful tips to look far younger than your actual age.


As we age, getting wrinkles on our skin and crow's feet around our eyes (here are the 10 best eye creams of 2019) are inevitable. But all hope is not lost especially if we start preventing these fine lines from appearing before they even show up.

Cherie's skin is always plumped up and her fine lines (if she even has any) are virtually invisible. The secret? Probably a really good eye concentrate that helps to counteract and slow down signs of ageing.

Try Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate, $105 — it's a treatment that targets wrinkles and promotes firmness around the eyes after prolonged use. And of course, remember to be gentle with the cotton pads as you're removing your eye makeup — we definitely want to keep those wrinkles at bay for as long as possible.


We're in awe at how Cherie is able to maintain her skin's radiance over the years, especially at age 60. While skincare is super important in achieving brighter skin, a few makeup tips could do the trick too.

If you're looking to achieve dewy skin like Cherie's, pop on a hydrating foundation that helps boost your skin's natural radiance. We're in love with Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, $76 - it stays all day and keeps your skin looking fresh and vibrant.

Don't forget to add that extra touch of glow by popping your favourite highlighter on your nose and cheekbones.


The dark and thick brow trend has been all the talk on social media over the past few years, with many jumping onto the bandwagon to try fuller brows. Cherie, however, has always kept to her natural brows since she first starred in the action film Peking Opera Blues.

We do know the struggle of sparse brows, and just like the Hong Kong actress, we could always use some help with filling them in.

Try Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil, $44, and draw thin, hair-like strokes on your brows with a light hand. Follow the natural arch without over-extending your brows so your makeup looks effortless and youthful.


Just like many of us, Cherie's a fan of sunny weather — as seen from her many Weibo posts of her out in the sun. Although some may argue that prolonged exposure to the sun is detrimental to our skin and may cause dark spots to appear, the sun is actually a great source of vitamin D that helps our skin glow and look young.

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Of course, you've got to lather up on sunscreen when you're outdoors so your skin stays protected from the UV rays. Check out Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen, $50 — it has SPF 50 and is formulated to be lightweight and hydrating, making it perfect for dry skin.

Emulate Cherie's chic look by popping on a woven fedora and your favourite pair of sunnies too.


When on the red carpet, Cherie's go-to look has always been simple, with the focus always being on her glowy pink cheeks.

Ramp up your usual no-makeup makeup look by adding colour to your cheekbones: we'd recommend Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick Blush, $79.

This pigmented blush has a touch of glimmer so your cheeks can look radiant and chiseled without needing a highlighter to top it off. Tip: go for a light-coloured blush instead of a hot pink shade to look effortlessly youthful.


Cherie Chung has always been an open advocate of skincare on her social media, and we're thinking her dedication to taking care of her skin is what makes her look so young now.

We know how dreadful it can be to commit to a complicated 5-step skincare routine every night, especially after a long day. But, if this discipline is needed to keep our skin looking youthful, why not?

The one thing that many people seem to skip during their skincare routines is a good serum. Try the serum from the brand that Cherie's been raving about: Helena Rubinstein.

Their Powercell Skin Rehab Youth Grafter Night D-Toxer Concentrate, $262, replenishes skin's moisture overnight and helps with promoting a more even complexion. It's the perfect anti-ageing serum for those who struggle with wrinkles and a dull complexion.


Cherie's always been a fan of nude and pink lips. But recently she was spotted donning red lipstick more often than she usually does — and we're loving it. Be it on photoshoots or at dinner with friends, Cherie seems to effortlessly pull off red lips as it makes her look younger than she actually is.

Try Laneige Tattoo Lip Tint in Sleek Red, $32. It is formulated to be long-lasting and weightless, so the applicator glides smoothly over the lips with ease. Pop a clear gloss over for an extra shiny pout or leave it as it is for a smooth, satin finish.

This article was first published in Her World Online.