HPB wants you to step it up… in bed: Get at least 7 hours' sleep a day and earn up to $30 e-vouchers

PHOTO: Pexels

Singaporeans are tired, period. 

Even before the pandemic gave many of us a major case of burnout, we've long been known for being workaholics

Just recently, a UK bedding manufacturer even ranked Singapore as the most fatigued country in the world

So much so that instead of just trying to get us off our butts with the annual National Steps Challenge, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) is also trying to encourage more rest with their newly-launched Sleep Challenge

PHOTO: HPB Singapore 

Participants who successfully manage to get in at least seven hours of shuteye a day can not only look forward to a more well-rested body, but also points that can be used to redeem e-vouchers. 


However, before you get cosy under your blankets, do note that the Sleep Challenge is limited to those who have participated in the National Steps Challenge in previous years and have completed all six tiers of Steps Rewards. 

For those of you who are eligible, you can get 25 Healthpoints a day when you get at least seven hours of sleep within a 24-hour period. Each day's sleep will be counted from 12pm to 11.59am the next day. 

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This will be tracked with the Healthy 365 app and the new Season 6 HPB fitness trackers that have a sleep tracking function. 

150 Healthpoints, which you can earn by sleeping well for six days, can be exchanged for a $1 e-voucher.

However, don't feel daunted because extra Healthpoints can be earned during bonus weeks. 

Only Singaporeans and permanent residents with a valid NRIC, or foreigners with a valid FIN can join the challenge. Do note that you also have to be aged 17 years and above at the point of registration. 

Additionally, if you are currently participating in the LumiHealth programme in which Apple Watch users are rewarded for staying active, you have to withdraw from it before you can sign up for the Sleep Challenge. This process is irreversible

Keen on getting those e-vouchers and a good nights sleep? Interested participants can register from now till March 31, 2022. The duration of the challenge will from Nov 1 to April 1, 2022.