'I breastfeed him until back pain': Singapore influencer reveals difficulties of flying with 2-month-old baby

PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Midiforreal

Everyone dreads being on the same plane with a noisy baby.

But spare a thought for the mums and dads trying their best to calm their kids down.

It can be quite a challenge and that was the reality for Singapore-based influencer Midi when she flew with her two-month-old son back to Singapore.

This was going to be his first-ever flight but from the look of things, it was a flight his mum would want to quickly forget.

Last Sunday (March 12), Midi shared a 107-second clip on her TikTok account Midiforreal about the difficulties of travelling with an infant.


Midi, who is married to a Singaporean husband, flew to her native China for the birth of her child, Xiao Jojo. 

Now, it was time to return to Singapore.

Midi described the experience as the "most scary thing ever", which gives you an idea of the task at hand for the first-time mother.

Throughout the three-hour Singapore Airlines flight, her son could not stop moving.

"I breastfeed him until I back pain," she said.

It got to a point where Midi's whole body was aching from attempts to "shut the baby down". 

She even referred to the experience as "the most suffering three hours [sic]" she's ever had.

Her annoyance at the situation was justifiable, given the efforts made pre-flight to ensure Xiao Jojo would sleep on the plane.

Midi made sure to feed him enough breast milk but Xiao Jojo ended up sleeping "so much" prior to the flight.

Before the flight, his nanny also wrapped him up nice and tight.

While that ensured he dozed off through immigration and customs, Xiao Jojo was wide awake the moment he got on the plane.

In the comments section, other parents empathised with Midi with some sharing their experiences of travelling with children.

"Just flew to Tokyo from Malaysia with my one-year-old baby. It's not easy," a TikTok user said.

PHOTOS: Screengrabs/TikTok/Midiforreal

It's clear that air travel with a little one isn't easy.

In fact, airplanes are a breeding ground for germs so it's best to not fly so soon after giving birth.

Since newborns have a weaker immune system, it is best to wait until your baby is three-month-old before flying with them, according to Healthline.

Simple tips for travelling with infants would be to choose flight times that match your baby's sleep pattern as well as a diaper change before boarding the plane.

But if you're on a long flight, it's inevitable that you'd have to bring your baby to the toilet at some point. Check if your flight ticket allows for advanced seat selection and pick an aisle seat, if possible. 

If all else fails, why not just bump your baby up to first class? This 15-month-old boy has already had a taste of the high jetsetting life four times.

While some might scoff that he is being spoilt, his parents disagree.

They cited "extra space, comfort and exclusive attention" as reasons why they chose to fly first class with their toddler. 

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