I tried making the viral Miu Miu micro mini skirt

I tried making the viral Miu Miu micro mini skirt
PHOTO: Miu Miu

Ushering in a new era of the Y2K revival, Miu Miu was single-handedly responsible for reviving one of the decade’s trends: The micro mini. Instead of the usual distressed denim that dominated the ‘00s, Miuccia Prada swapped it for clean cotton twill.

Like an upcycled pant, the skirt featured pleated corners and pockets peeping below the hem. It was an iconic runway staple that dominated all of Spring Summer’22 and Autumn Winter ’22.

Gracing the hips of influencers and celebrities, I fell into the sway of the Miu Miu effect during my Italy trip last May. When I went to the store, the saleslady told me that the beige cotton twill skirt was the last one at the boutique.

Thinking that it would fit me like the model, it was too big at my hips and it made me look shorter. Besides, there was no way I would have paid 900 Euros for this skirt. Even if I were to lurk for it on a resale site, I wouldn’t want to drop more than $3K SGD on Vestiaire.

Thankfully, there was a pair of velvet unworn Miu Miu trousers that sat inside my warehouse (I run a vintage online fashion boutique). Thinking back to the Miu Miu skirt I saw on the runway, I decided to see if I could replicate the look for less.

Here’s what you’ll need:

I tried making the viral Miu Miu micro mini skirt

1 trousers

1 fabric scissors

1 set of pins

1 curved ruler

1 tailor's chalk

1 needle

Sewing machine

Here's how I made it:

Step 1: Get a pair of trousers one size bigger than your normal size for an instant low rise fit. Set your mark on how short you want your skirt on the trouser legs with a tailor’s chalk. Pull out your pockets before you cut so that the scissors doesn’t get into the pockets!

Draw your cutting line on the straight edge of the ruler and cut both sides.

Step 2: Your pants will have a remnant of the crotch fabric after you cut. Snip the area in half.

Step 3: Use pins to stabilise the newfound silhouette. For my pair, I didn’t have to fold over the curve


Step 4: Use the curved edge of the ruler to correct your hemline at the back and use the straight edge to repeat the process at the front of the skirt.

Step 4: Overlock the edges. The overlock helps to prevent the fabric from fraying


Step 4: Fold ⅛ inches of the newly overlocked hems inside the skirt and secure with pins. Since my trousers are a stretchy material, I had to stretch the hem so that it’s completely even when I set the pins in place.

The result:


I thought that turning a pair of pants into a skirt would be difficult, but no, it’s actually easier than it looks! While micro minis are in right now, I feel that it’s so easy to wear all yearlong here as it’s leg season every month, especially in Singapore.

With the right styling, it’s a trend that we can incorporate whether it’s with an oversized blazer or a long top and matching cardigan. Though it might not be suitable for your winter travels, you can pull out your knee high boots and blazer for a preppy look or layer it with tights. On any given day, I’d always be down to upcycle a pair of pants into a skirt again.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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