Get Out!! Belt out or jam with a live band at BandKara!

Always dreamed of being a superstar? Now that dream isn’t too out of reach! At Bistro 8’s BandKara, you can sing karaoke with a live band in front of a live audience! If you prefer to rock out with a musical instrument, they also welcome aspiring musicians to jam with them. You can also kick back and watch your friends sing to their heart's content while you munch on sinful but yummy bar snacks. #BandKaraoke #Bistro8 #Cineleisure

Posted by AsiaOne on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I tried singing with a live band in front of an audience at this new karaoke joint and it made me feel like a superstar

Get Out!! is a bi-weekly video series where our hosts go out and discover new things around Singapore.

This week, watch Le En and Kexin as they belt it out to their favourite tunes at a karaoke session with a live band! 

If you're up for some open-mic singing and are not afraid to show off your talent in front of an audience, this newly-opened joint may just be up your alley.

BandKara by Bistro 8 is a live band restaurant and bar concept from Tokyo, and it is set to take your regular KTV sesh up the next level. 

What's special about BandKara is the live band can play practically any song in any language and genre. With over 250,000 songs in the karaoke system, there's definitely going to be a song you know. 

Psst, it's also opened till 3am for all you night owls who are looking for late-night activities in town. 

The band is made up of a drummer, bassist and guitarist, all hailing from Japan.

In a show of their talent, Kexin picked a Chinese song, and even though it wasn't something the band was familiar with, they were able to play it flawlessly. 

PHOTO: AsiaOne

As a singer-songwriter herself, Kexin is no stranger to singing on stage in front of an audience. She raved: "I feel the band is very professional, and it really felt like I was just performing on a normal stage. It was a great experience!"

I had the chance to put the band to the test too, to see if they could really play any song, and picked Wu Ding by Jay Chou. Again, they were able to perform the entire song just by listening to the first line of the melody. I was utterly impressed!

Unlike Kexin and Le En who are naturals at performing in front of a crowd, this experience was slightly intimidating at the start, but it wasn't too long before the adrenaline hit me and I was enjoying every moment of the spotlight. Of course, if you're shy, just pick a duet and pull a friend up with you — that's what I did. 

Besides singing with a live band, if you're an aspiring musician, BandKara also lets you hone your skills by jamming with the band. You can even bring along your own musical instrument and have the time of your life. 

Being a superstar isn't easy — you'll have to hype up the crowd to rave along with you, while making sure you're vibing with the band. To replenish all that energy till your next stage appearance, BandKara has a menu of affordable bar grub and drinks to keep you going. 

The Japanese Chix ($13.90) is essentially a chicken pizza that's generous with its toppings. The Super Mario ($9.90), which are actually fried mushrooms, were really addictive with its crispy exterior while bursting with flavour inside. 

PHOTO: AsiaOne

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Where: 8 Grange Road #08-01, Singapore 239695