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I try 'Singapore's largest nasi ambeng' and it's a mouthful

I try 'Singapore's largest nasi ambeng' and it's a mouthful

Just in time for Ramadan, Deli Hub has launched an enormous platter of nasi ambeng that can feed the whole family and, in this case, our office.

But first, what is nasi ambeng?

For the uninitiated, this dish is part of traditional Javanese cuisine and is a long-standing favourite in the Malay community here.

It is usually eaten communal style and is often served on special occasions or at festivities.

You'll get a serving of rice with a variety of side dishes, typically rendang, sambal goreng, fried beef lungs (or paru goreng), bergedil, sambal prawns and ikan bilis surrounding it.

So the AsiaOne office was more than pleased when Deli Hub delivered to us their massive serving of nasi ambeng, which is fit for 15 people and which they say is the biggest in Singapore.

I've had my fair share of nasi ambeng, but this one takes the cake when it comes to size.

Presented immaculately, we got a generous mound of blue pea rice encircled by a plethora of classic side dishes.

There were bergedil, sambal prawns, spicy long beans and tempeh, sambal eggs, rendang, chicken satay, ikan bilis, fried chicken wings, keropok, peanuts and sambal chilli.

Everyone was impressed by its size. As our creative strategist Lim Jia Yi aptly put it: "Damn big, can feed the whole kampung."

Taste test

I started with the carbs. The rice was soft, fluffy and fragrant, just like how it should be.

The bergedil really hit the spot – crunchy on the outside and soft and savoury on the inside.

Our video editor Willy Wong, who was trying nasi ambeng for the first time, gave the bergedil a thumbs up.

"The potato is very soft but holds its shape. The fritter is not as oily as I remember bergedil to be, and the taste is pleasantly mild but not bland."


The rendang was a crowd favourite. I loved the gravy, it was packed with flavours, and the beef was tender. It's good on its own if you ask me.

My colleagues Melissa Teo and Caleb Leong agreed as well.

Melissa mentioned that this rendang fared well compared to her previous experiences where she found the meat too tough to bite and chew.

What's another noteworthy dish?

"The sambal prawn! Super fresh with just the right amount of spiciness," said Nabila Ghani, our creative lead.

Even the sambal goreng got a shoutout from our senior content strategist Amierul Rashid. "There's a tendency for sambal goreng to be overcooked, but this was surprisingly moreish. Also, plenty of tempeh which is always a good thing."


Final thoughts

So I asked my colleagues if they would order it again, and the responses were mixed.

Some said yes if they were having a big get-together. But the price plays a huge factor, with some of my colleagues like Jia Yi and Amierul finding it too expensive at $488.

Personally, I'd opt for their other option, the Classic size ($128) as it can easily feed up to four people. You get pretty much the same side dishes excluding the fried chicken wings, satay and keropok. You also get to choose between chicken and beef rendang. 

If you're planning to break fast with your friends and family this Ramadan, then this would be a great option.

Plus, if you order before April 3, you can enjoy the Giant size for $438. Don't wait too long as these offerings of nasi ambeng will only be available till April 30.

Oh, and be prepared for the food coma once you're done consuming this gargantuan meal.

For more information, visit Deli Hub's website here.

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