I try this Sprite Indomie recipe that's viral on TikTok — here's why I wouldn't recommend it

I try this Sprite Indomie recipe that's viral on TikTok — here's why I wouldn't recommend it
PHOTO: PHOTO: AsiaOne/ Melissa Teo

Once again, TikTok made me do it.

While aimlessly scrolling through the app one night, I chanced upon a recipe that suggested adding Sprite to your Indomie to give it a little pizzaz. Intriguing.


my Asian mum-in-law just taught me how to make dry ramen correctly. #asianmuminlaw

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As if it were a sign from the heavens, I just happened to have a bottle of Sprite and a packet of Indomie at home, so I knew I had to try it out.


  • One packet of Indomie Mi Goreng Special Instant Noodles
  • Sprite
  • Cooking oil
  • Chopped garlic
  • Chopped chilli
  • Soya sauce
  • Vinegar


1. Cook the noodles in boiled water.

2. In a separate bowl, mix the noodle seasoning, chopped chilli and garlic.

3. Boil the oil and add it to the mix. Give it a good stir.

4. Add the Sprite while the oil is still hot.

5. Add soya sauce and vinegar before dunking in the noodles.

6. Give it another good mix and slurp away!

As no exact measurements were given, I tried eyeballing the ingredients and made rough estimates based on the video.

The result: A stomach ache

I need to be honest — I suffered from a horrible stomach ache after polishing off the whole bowl of noodles.

Whether it was the combination of Sprite and chilli or the unhealthy amount of oil used, something just didn't sit right with my digestive system and I was writhing in pain the whole night.

However, it may just be me. I chanced upon another TikTok of someone else trying out the recipe and he had no complaints.

This may sound weird but I actually felt that the pain I experienced was in vain. Hear me out — while the overall result tasted surprisingly edible, its flavours and textures didn't quite live up to my expectations and came off as rather unexciting.

For one, the explosive fizziness that erupted once I poured the Sprite into the hot oil gave me the impression that the dish too would have some sort of bubbly element. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and the sauce ended up having the same consistency as a bowl of watery instant noodle soup.

To be frank, all the Sprite did was make the dish a tad bit sweeter than usual. So if you have a sweet tooth, this may be something up your alley. Otherwise, I recommend just sticking to your regular Indomie.


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