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Ignore the scalpers on Carousell: Ikea says new stocks for Lego collab coming in by March

Ignore the scalpers on Carousell: Ikea says new stocks for Lego collab coming in by March
PHOTO: Ikea Singapore, Screengrab/Carousell

[UPDATED: 3:30pm]

Ikea has clarified that the BYGGLEK collection is out of stock islandwide and that they will be bringing in new stocks by March. The article has been updated to reflect this.

If you haven't already heard, Ikea has a collaboration with Lego and the new BYGGLEK collection was made available in stores yesterday (Feb 18).


The unique storage solution gives you the creative freedom to think out of the box — literally — by allowing you to use Lego bricks to build inside, outside or around the box.

Need more space? Several boxes can also be connected to form a larger piece.

There are four different articles in the collection with prices ranging from $19.90 to $24.90 and a complete set should add up to $89.60. Buyers are also limited to three pieces per article.

However, scalpers have eagerly jumped on the opportunity to buy and resell the products on Carousell and as usual, they have jacked up the prices by quite a fair bit.

Unfortunately, the product is currently out of stock in Singapore at both the Ikea Alexandra and Tampines outlets. The online release for the collection which was scheduled to go live on Feb 25 has also been affected. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, a spokesperson for Ikea said: "We thank everyone for their love and enthusiasm towards the BYGGLEK collection, however, it's sold out for now.

"We had set a limit of three pieces per article per customer so that many more can enjoy the range (even though it was challenging to manage safe operations of the crowds and queues). We are now in the process of acquiring additional shipment by March, stay tuned to [Ikea's] website or social pages for more updates." 

The complimentary 30359 LEGO® Police Water Plane that customers can get when they spend a minimum amount of $50 in-stores on BYGGLEK products is also out of stock.

So, if you've been eyeing the collection and have been considering turning to a scalper to pay an exorbitant amount of money for it, don't. You just have to wait a little bit longer to get your hands on the set. 

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