Ikea Singapore to introduce plant-based meatballs and other updates to look forward to


Ikea launched its 2021 catalogue on Thursday, marking the 70th birthday of the catalogue.

''The pandemic has vastly altered the way we live, work, and play. By extension, our small homes have been working harder as well,” says Leonie Hoskins, Sales Manager at Ikea.

“Your dining table may double as a workstation, while the living room doubles up as a yoga studio. Making home count is now more important than ever.” 

Where in the past the Ikea catalogues have always been categorised via functions (living, dining, bedroom and so on), the 2021 edition is categorised according to various living situations, and is packed with how to’s, smart tips, hands-on ideas, and small affordable shifts to create flexible and multifunctional spaces for ever-changing needs. View the digital version here.

The catalogue also comes with a host of exciting updates for Ikea Singapore. Here are our picks:

From Plant Ball to collabs with Sonos and Lego: 10 exciting Ikea updates coming to Singapore


1. Progressive living situations

Living, dining, kitchen, bedroom – these are the traditional way of categorising home furnishing, but Ikea strives to offer solutions with its new 2021 catalogue.

It is packed with how-tos and suites of furniture offering for five stages of living situations: a young couple starting out and living light, back to basic apartment (budget chic), nesting in progress (expecting the arrival of a baby), a new family with children, and finally, downsizing an empty nest.


2. More for less

Ikea has about 8,000 items on its portfolio, of which 6,000 remain unchanged each year to keep them affordable.

This year, it has lowered the price 168 items, 153 of which are categorised as what they termed BTI, breathtaking low price available in the market for the quality.

One of these is the Oftast glass bowl and plate collection, which retails for $0.90 a piece and is completely recyclable.

3. Ikea Home Smart

A study shows that the smart home market in Singapore is estimated at over US$125 million (S$170 million) in 2018, and is predicted to grow at a double-digit rate through to 2025.

Coupled with Singapore’s Smart Nation, smart homes will soon be the norm.

To meet this need, Ikea continues to expand its affordable Home Smart range by integrating technology into furnishing offerings to make life at home easier and smarter for everyone.

Adding elements of light, sound and automation is as simple as a swipe of a finger on an app or a voice command. Examples are the Tradfri smart lighting collection and the Fyrtur smart blind collection.


4. Ikea x Sonos = Symfonisk

The Symfonisk range is a brainchild of Ikea and American audio brand Sonos, bringing together the former’s home furnishing expertise and the latter’s in sound and technology to create one of the best sounding furniture pieces.

There are two products that have been launched in the market so far: the Symfonisk table lamp ($299, dubbed Ikea’s loudest lamp, available in black and white), and the bookshelf speaker ($179, can double as an extra storage).


5. Ikea x Lego = Bygglek

You’ve probably seen images of Ikea and Lego’s collab collection Bygglek floating in the internet. Rejoice because it is coming to Singapore.

Comprising a series of storage boxes with Lego studs and a special brick set, the collection aims to encourage play for the young and the young-at-heart and infuse more fun into storage around the home.


6. Plant Ball and other no-fuss healthier food items

From Oct 12 onwards, the Ikea restaurant will be introducing a dish that features a whole new ball game – the Plant Ball, a sustainable and meatless alternative to its iconic meatball.

It is touted to be equally tasty, and takes up only 4 per cent of its meaty counterpart’s carbon footprint.

Other food items include the no-fuss frozen smoothies made with real fruits. Simply add water to enjoy healthy and tasty smoothies without the hassle of juicing and cleaning up.


7. Eftertrada, branded by Ikea

Remember that viral DHL T-shirt by French luxury brand Vetement? You will be able to own Ikea branded apparel real soon, without the insane price tags. 

Eftertrada is a collection of hoodies, T-shirt and tote bag featuring Ikea logo and barcode that was first launched in Japan (because, of course) to cater to those with “a desire to be a little bit branded by Ikea”. It’s making its way to Singapore soon.


8. Ravaror, compact and chic

Most of us in Singapore may live in a small space, but it doesn’t mean we’re not choosy for furniture and quality, if anything, it makes us more difficult to please. Enter Ravaror.

The collection features trendy Scandinavian looks with durable furnishes that is built to last, multi-functional furnishings fit for small spaces without compromising on comfort.

Flexible and timeless, this collection creates a cosy and comfortable home for those in urban cities. Its price ranges from $25 to $399, with the whole room set up for Ravaror at Ikea Tampines totalling under $2,000.

Did we mention the collection is fitted with wheels? So you can pack them up and go as you move places.


9. Lurvig, for your pets

You’ve probably seen Ikea’s pet furniture range floating in the internet. This, too, is coming to Singapore soon.

It includes pet bed and nooks for cats and dogs, and also accessories like this handy scratching surface that can be installed on vertical surface to create a scratching post for your cats.


10. Ikea x Livspace = affordable renovation

80 per cent of us in Singapore lives in HDB flats. And as high as 90 per cent wants custom renovation.

Ikea aims to help them by partnering with startup reno platform Livspace, which offers full renovation packages from $9,900 covered under Ikea’s Hemsaker Home & Personal Accident insurance for the first year. Find out more here.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.