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Interviews of him are full of 'lies': Cathay busker Jeff Ng's ex-girlfriend speaks out on his 'abuse'

Interviews of him are full of 'lies': Cathay busker Jeff Ng's ex-girlfriend speaks out on his 'abuse'
Lena Ng (left), Cathay busker Jeff Ng's ex-girlfriend, shared the 'abuse' she received from Jeff in a Facebook post today (July 1).
PHOTO: Facebook/Lena Ng, Instagram/Jeff Ng

The bright limelight shining on busker Jeff Ng has cast a deep shadow that is his allegedly abusive past. 

Jeff Ng, 32, shot to glory after he went viral on TikTok last month, with hundreds of Singaporeans going to Cathay to attend his busking performance on the night of June 18.

@jeffhellomusic #jeffhellomusic #cathay #busking #那些你很冒險的夢 #jjlin @drifterjjlin ♬ original sound - Jeff Ng 黄長俊

However, in a Facebook post today (July 1), Jeff's ex-girlfriend Lena Ng shared some very disturbing anecdotes about Jeff's past with her in their alleged three-year-long relationship.

Prefacing her Facebook post of over three-thousand words with a disclaimer, Lena apologised if the post triggered any victims of abuse and said: "I plainly wish to use this wave to share the truth and the horror I've experienced personally from this monster."

"The interviews, I haven't really seen them but I heard it's full of lies," Lena said.

Lena also added in a separate, earlier post yesterday: "All that glitters is not gold."

'Love-bombing': Jeff's brand of love

Lena explained his modus operandi, which she termed "love-bombing", even confirming with other girls who have experienced dealing with his brand of love before.

After he hooks you in by being "your dream guy", he'll change his tune to one of blaming you for everything negative that happens to him or for not being good enough for him, the busker's ex-beau explained. 

"And you will believe him when he says it's your fault," Lena added. "You end up doing anything for more of the affection he once showed. And when he mercifully gives it to you, it feels like it's the most wonderful thing on earth. Because you finally earned your Prince Charming back."

Lena then mentions multiple examples of how Jeff took control of her life, from the people she would be allowed to meet to the time she would be allowed to spend away from him.

Jeff would cut Lena off from the friends he felt he didn't like, or those that would "pose a threat" to him.

Said Lena: "Because you believe him, you start to doubt your sanity and everyone around you. At this point he's established he's the only important thing in your life and you should live to only please him.

"So you got to act okay even though you're dying inside. The cognitive dissonance almost drove me insane."

Cheating on her 'like clockwork'

Aside from the mental torment she purportedly had to go through, Lena also accused Jeff of being a serial cheater, cheating on her three times "like clockwork every year" in the three years they were together.

"He's asked me to wait in his parent's other room whilst he has the other girl he's dating in his own bedroom. And I'm not allowed to leave the other room," Lena said. "I would hide from the person he was cheating on me with."

Even breaking free of this toxic relationship wasn't easy, according to Lena. Aside from the mental gymnastics he would pull to guilt-trip her, he even threatened to commit suicide or ruin his own relationships and stalk her.

Lena said: "I had to have friends around me almost 24/7 for a while, to feel safe else he was like a demon who'd grab me back under his possession.

"With the number of people speaking out, can you just imagine how many bridges he has burnt? Because he's really burnt so many."

'He has little empathy'

Even Jeff's grandparents were in his warpath, said Lena. When his grandfather died, he threw a fuss because he "died at the wrong time" — Jeff didn't want to leave the carnival he was at.

He allegedly even punished his grandmother for cooking food that felt too hot, causing her to cry on many occasions.

"I'd still say it's the tip of the iceberg," Lena added in her post. "Got quite a few other [things], but it's too gross to share.

"For him to be the latest celebrated face of the local music industry, yes, he deserves that through his hard work and talent no doubt. Yet it says a lot about a person's character when he manages to piss off an entire industry, his friends, fans and clients alike."

Jeff has since posted an apology on his social media pages, claiming he was "young and reckless" when he was "in his 20s" and succumbed to his own emotions.

Said the busker: "I was wrong, and I am sincerely sorry. Over the past few years, I have taken the time to reflect on my actions and behaviour and am taking steps to improve and become a better person."

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