'It's a daily battle': Man gets ripped after starting out weight loss journey with 105kg 'dad bod'

'It's a daily battle': Man gets ripped after starting out weight loss journey with 105kg 'dad bod'
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Terencekyw

People are always on the lookout for a shortcut when it comes to losing weight.

For Terence Koh, consistency and trusting the process were at the centre of his weight loss journey.

Terence, who is now a fitness enthusiast, went from 105kg to 70kg in just eight months. Those who have attempted to lose weight would understand that what he achieved is nothing short of remarkable.

Last Sunday (July 24), Terence posted a TikTok video of his transformation.


Eight months ago, the 33-year-old, who works in the financial services industry, weighed in at 105kg.

Terence tells AsiaOne that he actually gained 40kg over the past decade and due to his size, he was a victim of fat shaming.

His confidence and self-esteem suffered. 

"What triggered me [to lose weight] was when I found out that my wife was pregnant. It got me thinking about health as I wanted to be a healthy father and husband, and to be a super dad and role model to my son," he shares.

What's clear is that he's not looked back since.

Terence says he has never received any professional help — he works out alone at the gym and relies on online resources for topics such as nutrition and training.  

When it comes to getting those gains, hard times are part of the package and what keeps Terence going is his unrelenting belief and trust in the process.

That means overcoming the many hurdles, be it coping with food cravings or simply a lack of motivation from fatigue.

"When the going gets tough, it's a daily battle to overcome our negative thoughts and constantly remind ourselves why are we doing it or who are we doing it for."

In the comments section, netizens thanked Terence for sharing his journey and praised his sheer dedication to reaching his fitness goals.

If you're keen on achieving similar results as Terence, be prepared to train six times a week with each session being one-and-a-half hours.

Diet is another important aspect. Terence mentioned that chicken breast and fish would be his choice of protein if fat loss is the ultimate goal. 

"I was really focused and had a super strict diet — no fried food, no sugary drinks, low fat — for the first seven months," he says.

This wasn't easy given his love for junk food. But no pain no gain, right?

These days, Terence is far more chill when it comes to diet and indulges in the food he loves every so often.

For those who are keen to dip their feet into the world of fitness, he emphasises that such a transformation is a marathon as opposed to a race.

"It should be a lifestyle that is sustainable. Start with something simple and achievable and most importantly, be consistent with it."

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