Japanese designer customises LV and Dior carriers to hold your bubble tea

PHOTO: Instagram/dimda_

Want to take your love for bubble tea to another level? Why not carry it in a customised Louis Vuitton or Dior bag?

Japanese designer Daisuke, or @dimda_, is well-known on Instagram for customising luxury items into innovative creations.

One of his recent works of art is a Louis Vuitton drinks holder, which has already garnered over 17,000 likes on Instagram, with people commenting how much they love and need it.

The design itself is not complicated too, with two holes cut at the bottom to fit two drinks.

And if you're wondering whether the lid covers might come off, Daisuke mentioned in a thread that he has already tried walking with the bag and it was fine.

Bubble tea fans may also be interested in an older creation – the Dior bubble tea bag.

You can literally sip your tea in style and save the earth at the same time, by reusing the bag over and over again to drink the much-loved beverage.

In an interview with online magazine HIGHXTAR., Daisuke revealed that he started upcycling vintage designer bags about a year ago, customising them into one-of-a-kind pieces.

By creating items that are no longer needed and used, they can be transformed into new items and incorporated into fashion, he told online media PAUSE.

His quirky designs vary from a Prada mask bag to a Fendi toilet bag, you can check out more of his designs here.

While we do not know whether his customised bags are for sale (though we hope they are), you can email him at dimda.210@gmail.com to ask, according to 8 Days.