This Japanese restaurant sells uni & negitoro sushi 'hotdogs' alongside towering ikura bowls and 'long' seafood sushi

PHOTO: Facebook/Amazing Hokkaido

When it comes to sushi, the first few options that usually spring to mind are nigiri, maki and temaki (handrolls). A sushi inspired by a hotdog though? That's something pretty unconventional.

Located at Robertson Quay, casual Japanese izakaya Amazing Hokkaido has started selling something that they call Sushi Dog, which essentially is a Japanese-American hybrid of sushi and hot dogs.

There are two flavours available to choose from — Creamy Uni ($29.90) and Negitoro ($24.40). Both variations feature a generous amount of their respective toppings slathered atop a bed of sushi rice and wrapped in seaweed, which acts as the 'hotdog bun'. Each Sushi Dog is then finished off with a lavish amount of plump salmon roe, which gives the entire thing a beautiful, glassy sheen.

Some even better news is that these decadent creations will be going for a promotional price of $12 each till Feb 11. However, diners are limited to only one order of either the Creamy Uni Dog or Negitoro Dog, so you can't spam purchase these.

CREAMY UNI & NEGITORO SUSHI DOGS ✨ 📍: Amazing Hokkaido 30 Robertson Quay, #01-16 Riverside View, Singapore 238251 5.30pm...

Posted by Amazing Hokkaido on Monday, January 18, 2021

Japanese food lovers will also be glad to know that the Sushi Dog isn't the only interesting item on their menu as the izakaya has a few other enticing offerings up their sleeve.

A few months back, their extremely Instagram-worthy Bursting Salmon Roe Rice Bowl ($39) went viral on social media. The over-the-top dish features freshly steamed rice that is topped with a heaping amount of salmon roe until it overflows.

What makes the experience even more exciting is how the dish is served, which is almost ceremonious. Here, the staff would rhythmically bang taiko drums and chant the words "Yoishio! Yoshio!" as someone piles spoonfuls of salmon roe onto the rice. 

Another eye-catching dish that comes highly recommended is the 'Long' Seafood Sushi ($29.90) which, like its name says, is a long train-like sushi that is topped with fresh cuts of raw seafood like tuna, salmon, hamachi and salmon roe.

If you're sorely missing the Land of the Rising Sun like I am, this place is worth giving a shot. As the restaurant is Japanese-owned and the bulk of their ingredients are sourced from Hokkaido itself, I'm guessing that it is safe to say that the food here should be pretty authentic.