#Joeyjios: We took on a 1kg beef bowl challenge that costs $42

Is bigger really better? 

This week on #Joeyjios, Le En and I answer that question as we tackle a monster beef bowl that comes with a hefty $42 price tag. 

It's two girls versus a (literal) mountain of fried rice and 1kg of yakiniku beef slices. 

The prize? Honour, glory and walking away from the restaurant knowing we're in the league of local competitive eater Zermatt Neo. 

His timing? A little over five minutes to finish the first (yes first) bowl. He went on to have another, like the overachieving Asian that he is. 

Our timing? You'll have to watch to find out. 


Want to gorge yourself on quality beef? Give the #MNCMonsterBeefBowl challenge a go and you'll have the chance to devour 1kg of beef for free. 

All you'll have to do is to finish the bowl under 15 minutes and beat whatever timing is already up on the leaderboard.

The challenge, which lasts until November 30, resets each month. So here's a hack: be the first to try the beef bowl each month and you'll only have yourself to compete with! 


Challenge aside, the beef bowl was really tasty although trying to get through a kilo worth of beef proved to be too much for us after a while. 

Monster Beef Bowl, $42.  PHOTO: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

The tomato fried rice was fragrant and well-seasoned, and the beef was succulent, albeit a little too fatty for my taste. I wouldn't mind going back for another go but i'll stick to the "just nice" 200 grams ($9.90). 

Where: Meat N' Chill  Address: 6th Avenue Centre #01-04, 805 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 279883

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