Junk to gold: Woman shares ingenious hack to turn leftover tiles into personalised coasters

Junk to gold: Woman shares ingenious hack to turn leftover tiles into personalised coasters
TikTok user Vernice shares a simple yet ingenious hack on how to upcycle leftover tiles into drink coasters.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/apieceofpaigu

It's an Asian thing to always overprepare and it's inevitable that there will be surplus.

This is common when it comes to food, but strangely enough it happens in other situations as well.

For instance, take home renovations and the large amount of unused building materials lying around after.

This was the problem facing TikTok user Vernice and she shared a hack to transform leftover floor tiles into drink coasters.

In a TikTok clip uploaded yesterday (Nov 22), she demonstrated how simple it is to upcycle unwanted tiles instead of dumping them and adding to our planet's waste problem. 

To start things off, cut your leftover tiles into small square pieces.

While you can do so yourself, Vernice shared that she managed to get her tiler to chop up her tiles to her desired size. 

Next, proceed to sand down the sharp corners of the tile to smoothen out those edges. This is to prevent you or your guests from getting accidentally scratched while using the tile coaster. 

Once the tile edges are done, take your square-shaped tile and superglue one side of it to a sheet of foam paper. 

Then, trim off the excess foam paper and your tile drink coaster is good to go. 

Of course, you can always let your imagination run wild and decorate your coaster to add a personalised touch to them. 


Vernice added that her upcycled coasters are a "great gift" for friends and family. She gave them out as housewarming party favours and her guests got to "bring back a piece of [your] home".

Many netizens were charmed by Vernice's simple yet ingenious hack and her TikTok clip has attracted over 60,000 views and 2,000 likes.

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Most commenters highlighted her "creative" solution for leftover tiles with one commenter remarking that it's a "jolly good idea".

Other commenters who have tried something similar warned that tiles aren't the "best material for coasters [because] of how the water wouldn't be absorbed".

Vernice acknowledged the above comment and stated that the most important point for her is that her tile coaster "works for you to put your cup on so that it doesn't damage your table top with water marks".


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