Just wing it? Customer orders 2 whole chickens at Korean fried chicken store in Sengkang, receives mostly chicken wings

A photo of Waker Chicken's Korean fried chicken from another customer (left) and the complaint made by Facebook user Eileen Gwee (right).
PHOTO: Facebook/Kevin The Hiak Kor, Facebook/Eileen Gwee

Sometimes, simply winging it and hoping for the best may not be the most astute decision-making process after all.

Korean fried chicken stall Waker Chicken may have learned that the hard way when a customer alerted a Facebook group Complaint Singapore about her negative experience last Friday (Aug 12).

In her post, Eileen Gwee stated that she had gone down to the chain's Sengkang outlet with her family at around 5.40pm for dinner. The date of the visit could not be confirmed.

They ordered two whole chickens, one soy sauce and one honey butter, along with two sweet potato fries, with the feast amounting to $63.

However, Eileen shared that the food only arrived after waiting for close to an hour, at "around 6.20pm". 

And while there were no complaints about the fries, Eileen had some beef with the chicken.

More specifically, the chicken parts she was given.

"Bought two whole chicken but was given lots of the half wings [sic]," wrote Eileen.

The menu at Waker Chicken indicates that one whole fried chicken is equivalent to 14 pieces.

According to Eileen, out of the 28 pieces of chicken received, 20 were chicken wings.

Other than that, Eileen added that she only got one drumstick and "three small parts", as well as five drumlets.

The lack of communication from Waker Chicken about the overwhelming number of chicken wings in her order was what got Eileen rather upset.

Sharing in her post that no receipts were given and neither was there a phone number to call, she took it upon herself to contact Waker Chicken via Facebook and posted screenshots of their conversation.

Eileen's criticisms were directed at the Sengkang outlet specifically, as she mentioned how such an issue didn't crop up when she ordered Korean fried chicken from Waker Chicken's Bedok outlet.

In its response to Eileen, Waker Chicken apologised for the unpleasant experience.

It added that since July 2022, a notice had been placed in all outlets alluding to the "limit of certain chicken parts" in light of the recent "chicken crisis", alluding to Malaysia's recent export ban on live chickens.

Waker Chicken assured Eileen that it is doing its best to cope with said crisis and that chicken parts are distributed randomly "based on availability" at the given point in time.

In a reply to a commenter, Eileen expressed dismay at the total portion given as well as the size of the parts.

"First time eat until so ke lian ("poor thing" in Chinese). I only have the taste and skin of the pointy end and one wing meat. The size also much smaller [sic]."

AsiaOne has reached out to Eileen and Waker Chicken for more information.

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